Meshing Around

There are just two days left until the Mesh Around hunt begins, when over 60 different designers will be offering goodies to those intrepid enough to find them. The hunt will run from June 1 to June 15 and every prize will be centred on mesh of some kind – be it clothing, furniture, accessories or other mesh-based goodies.

MeshAround Hunt

Above, I’m wearing half of the hunt prize from Sakide – there are actually two outfits included, one for daytime and the other for night, both very easy on the eye. I’ve accessorised with Maxi Gossamer’s Zaadori earrings, which come in both silver and gold. Behind me (and partly in my hand!) is the Escritoire by Baffle, an incredibly detailed and beautifully textured piece of furniture.

MeshAround Hunt

Furniture collectors will also want to keep an eye out for this Curve Patio Set by Trompe Loeil, in Summer Dots. Included is a chair, sofa and coffee table and frankly I’d be as happy to enjoy this set in my living room as in the back yard. In this picture, I’m also wearing Bitch Tail’s whimsical yet daring Speak Now dress (you’ll be wanting undies with this one!), accessorised with the Geode Ring by HANDverk.

These, of course, are just a few of the prizes you can pick up when the hunt begins. You can find more info about Mesh Around, and the stores participating, here – this one’s a must-visit for anyone who, like me, cannot stuff enough mesh into their inventories.

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