Mesh Around with Black Rose

Hi guys, Mesh Around is coming real soon. If you are like me still needing a Home and Garden fix after the H&G Expo, Mesh Around has a little something for that. One of the hunt gifts is this beautiful Mermaid Fountain from Black Rose.  First lets talk about prims, always important when it comes to home and garden. The fountain is 34 prims, benches 3 prims each, the tile base and octoganal base 1 prim each. You can rez the fountain with everything together or you can rez individual pieces.  The fountain is mod/copy, but keep in mind if you make it bigger it may increase the land impact.

MeshAround - Mermaid Fountain

The textures on the fountain are exquisite. The stone on the benches look very realistic and the stone tiles are high quality. The water is just the right color and there is the optional fountain sounds you can switch on or off on touch. The benches have a standard sit pose.  Honestly this is an amazing item to get in a hunt. Make sure you check out Black Rose on Friday, June 1, for the Mermaid Fountain hunt gift.

Skin: Ploom Dahlia – Honey
Hair: Exile – Late At Night
Lingerie: Insolence Mary – Pink
Shoes: G*Field Flower Pumps – White
Pose: Adorkable – Paint Me

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