Meshy Marvels!

Hello everyone!

This is my first Ego Co Post and I am so honoured to be here amongst such great fellow bloggers!   I see my colleagues have already blogged so many of the wonderful, wonderful items you will be looking forward to seeking out so just a few little bits today from me, from the Mesh Around Hunt!

There are so many people trying their hand at mesh that I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the insane amount of things I feel I must own.  After being in SL 8yrs this month, you can imagine that my inventory, whilst not the largest, is most definitely not the smallest… and I am a bit of a pack rat… and a bit of a fatpack ho.. OH DEARY ME :/

Either way I am loving what I am seeing.  This dress from Bilo is just gorgeous. It fits like a glove (in S no more, no less!) and its just perfect.  It’s floaty, it’s fun.. it’s bright, it’s cheerful.  I love it.   I even loved it paired with the dDx hair Clint and fell in love.   I ADORE this hair.  I don’t often wear styles like this, because I fear they aren’t “me”, but in a world where you can be what you want.. why not?! So yes, I’m in a gorgeous floaty dress, and dreadlocks.  Sue me.

Ego Co - Mesh Around

The next item I came across and squee’d a lil was the Ingenue Lottie Bustier.  LOOK AT IT. OH MAH GODS.  It’s just… gorgeous.  It’s little, well duh.. it’s a bustier, and would look so lovely paired with jeans, or even a floaty skirt.   The meshmanship (like my word? thanks!) is one of the best i’ve seen, but that is no surprise from Ingenue!!!   This will be a top that makes it out quite often, I can tell you now.

The Blazer on the right is the Carolina Blazer from E! (Eclectic Apparel).  This baby means business, well she did until I chose to topless with her… and pantless.. I’ll be honest here, I didn’t even notice that until I just started typing all this. I AM SO SORRY BOSSES, I WON’T GO PANTLESS AGAIN!   It’s beautifully made and comes in this one colour especially for the hunt, pop on that baby WITH some pants, and power suit your through the crowds to buy the rest of the mesh stuff out there!

Ego Co - Mesh Around 2

I hope my first post is well received, I’m a bit of a dork, but a lovable one ❤

Mesh Around Hunt Items:

Pic 1: Bilo – Salma | dDx – Clint

Pic 2: Ingenue – Lottie Bustier | E! – Carolina Blazer

Other Credits:

Skin – Curio | Eyes – A:S:S  | Hair – Wasabi Pills – Anais | Poses – Frooti

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