The Ego Co & The Mesh Around Hunt

Mesh Around

The Ego Company¬†will be hosting the first “Mesh Around” Hunt; starting June 1 through June 15, 2012. The hunt is a grid wide and mesh specific with over sixty stores participating ranging from clothing, jewelry & home and gardens. The hunt item will be in an object like this:

MA Hunt Object

For more information about the hunt check out “The Ego Co.” homepage and other exciting events taking place this summer. The hunt starts at 12 pm (noon) slt at Evolve. The dress I am wearing is one of many gorgeous pieces that you will find in the hunt. It is from “22769”, the Sophia dress is all mesh & super sexy with the strapless fitted bodice and low-cut back.

Blogged Mesh Around Hunt

Stay tuned for more gorgeous hunt items in the upcoming days, until next time:

Mesh Around Blogged

Stay Sexy & Laugh Lots! Dani4G

22769 Sophia Dress
N-Core Emporium Pumps
Aida Necklace Gold
Boon WMO003 Hair
Izzie’s Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails & Delusional Skin
Maxi Gossamer Athena Bangle, Love Heart Earrings,
Maxi GossamerKetama Ring & Roho Ring
Pose(s): ADORKable “Pencil II Dork Pack” Poses & Bounce This Poses “Seductive Pack” Pose
Location: Old Italy

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