Meshing Around

So officially In 35 minutes Mesh Around will Begin. Ill be showing you all the information you need to begin the Hunt. As well as where you can find these lovely Items.

Thank you for participating in Mesh Around! We hope you enjoy the hunt and your prizes. You are searching for a sculpted dark blue colored “M” that looks like this: 􀀚. In each “M” you will find your prize and a LM to the next destination in the hunt. Each of the hunt gifts are Mesh and will require a mesh enabled viewer to see.

The Hunt begins June 1st 2012 at 12pm (Noon) SLT and runs through June 15th, 2012. Here is your start location.

MA Starting Location

Be sure to join The Ego Co. group which will serve as the Hunt Group for Mesh Around: secondlife:///app/group/7dd7674f-7be3-9eb9-2e8f-9474c04f1791/about

There is also a list of participating stores and hints on The Ego Co. blog:

The items I’m wearing are:

Dress: *[Eclat]* -Mesh Around -Sinai V2

Shoes: [Gos] MESH Desire Ankle Boots in Baby Pink

I hope you have a great time with the hunt and stay tuned for more Ego Co. Events

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