Push The Button! {Mesh Around Hunt}

I know my hidden looks can be deceiving
But how obvious should a girl be?
I was taken by the early conversation piece
And I really like the way that he respect me

Pepper Tami Skirt
I’ve been waiting patiently for him to come and get it
I wonder if he knows that he can say it and I’m with it
I knew I had my mind made up from the very beginning
Catch this opportunity so you and me could feel it ‘cos

Mesh Around Hunt Items

If you’re ready for me boy
You’d better push the button and let me know
Before I get the wrong idea and go
You’re gonna miss the freak that I control

Ingenue Lottie Bustier


Hunt Items:
Pepper by Danni Pfeffer: Mesh “Tami” Skirt (Mesh Around Hunt)
Izzie’s by Izzie Buttons: Panda Mesh Necklace (Mesh Around Hunt)
Ingenue by by Betty Doyle: Lottie Bustier (Mesh Around Hunt)
Fe Style by kev Brunswick: Violet Glasses (Mesh Around Hunt)
Non Hunt Items:
Izzie’s by Izzie Buttons: Garter Socks & Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails
Pixel Mode Tya Fallingbridge: Roxy Roller Skates
Magic Nook by Ayumi Cassini: Popstar Earrings
CaTwA by CaTwA Clip: Jawa Hair
League by Nena Janus: Jen Skin
Pose(s): Adorkable Poses by Adorkabke Peapod: “Breezy” Poses

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