Even Pandas Mesh Around

Even Pandas Mesh Around

Tired of that title? Seeing it twice is too much? Sorry…lol. I think it’s cute. 😛 You know..I don’t think i’ve ever been a panda in SL…weird…

Even Pandas Mesh Around

I have some more Mesh Around hunt items to show you all, as well as some panda-wear. 😛 Inu’s a cute panda girly! ❤

*”Mesh Around” is brought to you by The Ego Co. [X]
*If you need more info about the Mesh Around event, I’ve posted it here: [X]
*If you want to jump right into the event, here’s a tp:

 TP: “Mesh Around” Hunt Starting Point [X]

Remember, you’re looking for this:

Even Furrys Mesh Around

Okay, now…i’d like to announce that…

I have panda-print shoes OMGEEE!! ❤ O.O

Even Pandas Mesh Around

They’re adorable!! They’re called  “Mesh Flats (panda)”, a part of the wide range of mesh flats offered by the store, ~Cyroline~ [X].

– Inuoko Shikami \o/
[My Words Devour Souls ] 

*Mesh Around Hunt Items Shown*: 
Top:  Ingenue – :: Lottie Bustier :: Cherries Jubilee 
Skirt: .evolve. – dandy.skirt. (ecru) 
Necklace: Izzie’s – Panda Necklace 
Floral Bangles/Ring: [Sleeping Koala] – Metal Floral Bangle

Body Shop (Body):

  Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Charmy

Hair: Magika – Dare
Makeup: [ni.Ju] – Cat Scratch . baby pink
Panda Shadow: [ni.Ju] – Makeup – Red Panda . pure black
Nails: [*Rotten Defiance*]* – Nailed-Pink Flower-Nails

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Hair Accessory: [Love Soul] – Hair Accessory*PANDA*
Piercing: [ni.Ju] – Dismantle Piercing . typeA/right
Ears/Tail: ++Panda Express++ – Panda Bamboo Bit
Necklace: *Anymore necklace  Panda special edit #2

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