Am I in a dream?

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Am I in a dream?    This looks a perfect scene     My will remains but I am falling     Tell me where I am     *lyrics from Surreal by Vanishing Point


Skin – *LpD* Skins – *Art* Skin White     Makeup/Hat collaboration by – *LpD* Skins – *Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare* MakeUp AND Aliza Karu [AD] Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare * Hat NEW!     Outfit – Nomine Ameno Gown Noir NEW! The final gown in the Nomine fantasy gowns limited series is here: The Nomine Ameno Gown comes in six colors and includes a large array of accessories and clothing. They are priced at 1000L each. Part of this is the Ameno Gown Headdress also included in this outfit which I have added to LPD’s and Aliza Karus head gear.     Nails – Mandala – NAIL/female[MANDALA]medium     Pose – Bent – Hula 3 for the upcoming FLUID event! (SNEAK PEEK)

NOTE: Information about the FLUID event, and EGO CO. can be found here:  for information on this and their other events


The Ego Co. Presents Fluid


Fluid is a recurring bi-weekly, themed event in Second Life directed to those of us who love poses, animations, props and furniture; creators and consumers alike.  Fluid will showcase the talents of 12 (twelve) pose, animation, prop and furniture makers during the course of these two weeks.  Each 2 week period will be considered a rotation.

Each rotation will consist of an over-arching theme, which will be dissected into four sub category themes.  Designers will choose from one of the four sub-themes.  This will result in there being 3 designers in each of the 4 sub-categories.  This will help to reduce similarity in the themed items as well as offer a greater variety to consumers.

Fluid will be held at a central location (LM provided later) and designers have the option of also placing their items in their stores for the 2 week period.  In addition, it is designers discretion as to whether they would like to provide their items at a discounted rate for the duration of the event.

Fluid’s first rotation will begin June 15, 2012 and end June 30, 2012.

You can click the button near the bottom of this kiosk to subscribe to our group and/or click the link in local chat and join The Ego Co. in-world group. The Ego Co. blog will be updated regularly with information regarding Fluid as it becomes available, so be sure to check it out (link below).  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact on of The Ego Co. team members listed below.

Best!   BellaStarr Fhang    The Ego Co. Founder    In-World Contact: BellaStarr Fhang (via IM or NC)    E-mail Contact: –or-    Website:

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