Fluid – Burlesque

Hi hi hi peoples, here is my 2nd post on the amazing poses for this round of poses! I have to admit they are steaming hot. I had fun playing with them.  Mind you I will tell you each item I have posted today has sooooo many animations I couldnt get them all done with out taking all day to make pictures. So I am going to show a few and you totally need to trust me in the fact you have to go and check out the poses yourself. You will NOT be dissapointed that is for sure!

And to get these poses go here   

July 1, 2012 – July 14, 2012


Top three pictures:  Bounce This Poses – Burlesque Pose Stool
This amazing stool has so many poses in it I couldnt chose my favorites honestly, there are 6 amazing poses in which you can chose from. All of them could end up making you feel sexy and risque which is to be the point.  I absolutely adore this prop and you will probably see it more in my blogs!

Last three pictures :  Clutter – The Dancer’s Dressing Room
This set, comes with a changer wall, a chair, and the rug. What is amazing about this and I litterally couldnt blog it all, is the fact that there are animations in this. Moving not static. Your av will definatly feel like a dancer and then some. Trust me this is a MUST have for your room, or anywhere for that matter. Its a great prop for posing!

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