Naughty or Nice?

Whether you prefer your dancers to be sweet as sugar or a little bit risque, you’ll find something appropriate at this rotation of Fluid, an event showcasing the finest posemakers in the SL business.

Clutter is offering The Dancer’s Dressing Room, a beautiful screen, chair and rug in pastel shades, perfect for bringing out your inner ballerina and something that will brighten your bedroom whether you’re twinkle-toed or left of feet.

Clutter at Fluid

Both the chair and the screen come with in-built poses, and there are plenty to choose from in both. The chair even offers you a stiff drink or a smoke while you relax, if you’re in the mood. Gotta love furniture that tends to your every need.

Clutter at Fluid

Some poses are static, others capture the grace of a dancer’s movement. Photographers will be spoiled for choice with this set.

Clutter at Fluid

On the other hand, if you find burlesque a tempting prospect, this posing stool from Bounce This might float your boat. With six very different poses included, some more daring than others, you can entice the camera or your lover equally successfully. Is there a woman alive not tempted by the feathers, flirting and fun of the burlesque? I know I am…

Bounce This at Fluid


For Clutter
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Princess
Skin: League – Jen
Outfit: SMS – Babydoll
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Felicia Flats

For Bounce This
Outfit: EDS – Madame
Headpiece: Fetish Cabaret – Feather Headpiece
Boots: G Field – Will


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