Feeling… Burl..esque…y?


New Fluid kicked off, and as you can see from my fellow bloggers there are TONS of goodies! I wanted to show you the Burlesque goodies from Rack Poses (girl can’t really blog her own.. right? Riiiiight!) so this will be my first post about it, more to come 😀

Rack has 2 sets out and they are little *less* risque than Rack Poses normally are :P… first there is a swing, complete with 3 poses… would look good in any spare room, dungeon, shed or bathroom i’m sure.  Yeah ppl have swings in bathrooms! You never seen one? You haven’t lived!

Rack @ Fluid 2

Then there is a set of 6 poseballs that come complete with Burlesque feather fans.   I have only opted to show three here, so you have to go and find the rest! (or you know, scroll the blog, i’m sure).

Rack @ Fluid 1

There is a nice mix of standing and kneeling poses, and all are very diferent!  Sultry, sexy, cute.. can things be all three? Sure can, just look at me!

Rack @ Fluid 3

Skin: Izzie’s | Eliza | Porcelain
Hair: Alice Project | Sydnee *FaMESHed Item*
Outfit: Leaque | Burlesque | Rose

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