“Pizza Served…….Mrs. Robinson Style”

I have a confession……I have a thing for delicious, hot pizza served by equally deliciously hot pizza boys……I phone in my order and time it so I am “caught” just getting into the shower as my doorbell rings. Mmmmmm amazing how I get so excited and wet hearing those bells……kinda like Pavlov’s dogs in that one experiment I read about somewhere long ago………

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Opening the door with a shocked and feigned look of innocence I “struggle with holding my tiny towel in place as to not drop it. There is something thrilling seeing the pizza guys face struggling to keep their gaze eye level and not towel level……I just giggle inside each time it happens.

Dani Riaxik

My favorite part, is when I apologize and bend over slowly to get money outta my purse, I think it’s a much better tip to get an eyeful of my perfect backside and “glam-stamp”…..(I am to classy for a tramp stamp you see, so glam stamping was the clearly the option I would choose to embellish the temple that is my body).


A shiver runs down my spine when I give the money for the pizza and my slippery fingers drop the towel as I take the box. It’s my signature move……and always packs a punch that knocks em to their knees….and butts sometimes. Giving the pizza guy a nice long look of my perfection before closing the door, makes my pizza so much more delicious and yummy!


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