I’m Bad Mama Jama!!

When I was younger I had lots of female idols I looked up to, most of them were tall, bad ass, wore an afro & carried a gun. My proudest moment in life was not when I got my driver’s license, or voters registration card, or even my first pay check. Nope it was none of those things, it was when I received my NRA membership card, did I mention that I was a lifetime member? Also have you tried getting ginger hair into a afro…..it’s not pretty!

Femme Fatale

Well I digress; my point is I looked up to strong, female figures in my everyday life and on the television, one being Pam Grier better known as Foxy Brown.  (And no not that rapper Foxy Brown that came years later)  There was everything about her that I loved, her look, her fierceness and the way she handled a firearm!


Now I don’t expect you all to get or understand my “thing” for my idol; and that’s ok because you don’t need to. What made me traverse memory today were a few things, the new “Femme Fatale” pose pack from Bounce This Poses and the really awesome “Sophie Pin Up Skin” from “The Skinnery”. The pose pack will be available tomorrow at the next rotation of FLUID. The skin will be available at The Vintage Fair 2012 starting August 4th.


Mesh Cropped Sweater
Hucci Mini Suede Skirt
N-Core “ZEN” Pumps
S t u d i o D Butterfly Eyeshadow
RYCA Cyrstal Gold Hoops
Synthetique Brights Colour Tactics Series-R Hand,Size 10
The Skinnery “Sophia-Pin up” Skin & Flapper makeup
Places: Virtual Decay 

Pose(s): Femme Fatale from Bounce This Poses (New Release @ FLUID starting tomorrow!)

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