Red Pill

Since I’m a bit of a dweeb, I decided to continue the Matrix trend the moment I saw Bouncer‘s poses for this round of Fluid. Also falling under the action category, Bounce This Poses has two great items out, exclusive for this round.

The Femme Fatale set comes with four attitude packed and perfectly bitchy poses for us ladies. It’s such an overlooked detail, but I love how the hand is actually holding the gun with a finger cocked over the trigger. I’m a stickler for simple, yet realistic things like that!

The Hardwired couple pose is a great pose for doing those goofy scenes I love so much. It’s a versatile pose; you can go the action route like I have, or if you’re feeling creative, change it up a bit and make it sexy and erotic.

Both sets come with a prop gun that’s fabulously textured, but above that, it’s texture change! Ever play 007 on Nintendo? Well, now you can have that Golden D-Eagle.

Original post from Casa de Smurf

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