Summer Madness

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Summer Harvest Hunt begins as September does – I took a sneak preview and, frankly, the amount of swag to snag wore me out. So I had a little relax on my way home in the wheelbarrow that, handily, Absent Designs had provided to help me carry it all home, and admired my new sunflower patch, courtesy of Sparrowtree Studios, and barley stock from Organica.

Summer Harvest Hunt

A sit turned into a nap, in the soft flicker from the candle on my crate stack from Baffle. Incidentally, I did all of this while wearing linen pants by Sakide, with the similarly made-of-mesh stripped bikini top (which did get a bit nippy when the sun went down).

Summer Harvest Hunt 4

So I went inside to change, thus preserving my skin from the goosebumps, into the Flutter Sleeve top from Perception and pants from the Katherine outfit by Amour, with shoes by Duh! and accessories on offer from Sweet Leonard. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that I’d left the window open, and the first leaves of spring had decided to come for dinner (by way of the mad yet amazing posing stand that’s Bent‘s hunt item). Can’t blame them, Kaerri‘s dining table does look like a cozy place for a pumpkin-based feast.

Summer Harvest Hunt 2

At which point, carried away by the utter madness of both my day and my dining room, I decided to dance on the table (cunningly utilising one of the poses you can find on Fly Lily‘s stop of the hunt tour) because, well, reasons.

Summer Harvest Hunt 3

Other Credits
Hair – Elikatira – Found
Skin – League – Jen

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