Acorns overdose first post

This is why I ask your indulgence if this first article is a bit clunky and .. let’s say: weird?
Firstly I would like to introduce myself as it should. I’m Satine Sabra, I’m a Shopaholic, photographer, blogger .. well I am a mixture of everything SL has good (well, I think but not sure sometimes). I am very happy to have joined the team and I hope it will be reciprocated.
Now, let’s get serious.

The event will mark the end of the summer and will propel us in this amber period also known as autumn is: The Summer Harvest Hunt!

For this occasion, many designers have put in their stores an “acorn”, which each contain, what I call ” Fall survival kit .” This can be a garment, jewelry or furniture. Designers spoil us with gifts, each more beautiful than the other. This is why the choice was difficult, and among all the photos I have taken, I have chosen just 3, to avoid causing an overdose of pleasure.

Enjoy !


I must admit that when I wore this dress, I was immediately inspired. I love the mix of African dress and modernity with the fall colors keys. And those nails! Simply GORGEOUS! In addition, there is a HUD in the package that allows you to adjust the size of the nails, and the design you want. All in shades of amber-gold smelling summer.
As for the ring, it is monumental (in a good way, I say), and earrings in the shape of leaves and acorns come together enhance this outfit.

Jamman – Lite Hud Copper  fingernails
::SWEET LEONARD:  Autumn-Whispering Necklace & ring
22769 ~ [femme] Nneka dress african harvest


And now, less jewelry, and clothes that will keep you warm when the wind starts to blow. First of all, a very nice short  – sweater set called “Missy outfit ” and  offered by {PopTart}  that can be worn with these pretty ankle boots from ::Duh!:: .  Can you see this pretty  fence flowered with sunflowers? Well, its an adorable pose prop which  contains 3 poses absolutely lovely, and it is offered by Sparrowtree Studios Poses. I love gifts !

But If you also feel the cold like me, NiNight Creations created this cute and comfortable Loose Sweater that goes very well with the  patched.cords pants in pumpkin colors from .evolve. . Look i’m flying with the FLY LILY ! – Summer pose. Magical !


And last but not the least, the furnitures which gives your SL, a taste of  beautiful virtual autumn.

[ Organica ] – Barley Stooks
-AD-  Wheel Barrow
Sparrowtree Studios Poses –  Sunflowers for Summer Harvest hunt
*Kukuvaya*  – Demeter Pavilion
Prism Furniture –  Fall Near Swing
Baffle! –  [Crate Stack.]
Kaerri – Summer harvest table set

Happy hunting !

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