The End and a Beginning

Hi all!  Today is all about the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.  It is also about a new season for me because I get to join the talented team here (not sure how I got in) at The Ego Co.  This is my first post and I am very excited.

I am excited because I get to show you the amazing items from The Summer Harvest Hunt that starts on the 1st of Sept!  What a way to begin!

So, I will show you some goodies and introduce myself at the same time.

Pic 1:

Dress:  22769 – Nneka Dress


Intro to Arya 1:  I am 4 years old (I actually only just realised I forgot my rez day…oh well).  I have been blogging in SL since November 2009, and I love to blog both fashion and home items.

Pic 2:

Dress: * RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* – Shift Dress – Sunset


Intro to Arya 2:  I also enjoy DJing in SL and have a passion for a variety of music.  I love everything from Indie to Dub and most things in between.

Pic 3:

Outfit:  [SAKIDE] – End of Summer Outfit


Intro to Arya 3:  My two favourite times of year in SL are Halloween and Christmas.  I love all the ghoulish stuff that creators come up with, and I am a sucker for all things Christmas.

Pic 4:

Top: [Sleeping Koala] – My Bra Flashing Top

Skirt:  Happy Undead – Mini Skirt


Intro to Arya 4:

I have a slightly wacky sense of humour.  I am not sure that some people ‘get’ that all the time, so I apologise in advance.

Pic 5:

Necklace:  ::SWEET LEONARD:: – Autumn-Whispering Necklace

Bag:  *Tea Time* – Cute Tree Bag

Dress:  Medley – Baggy Sweater


Intro to Arya 5:  I am from New Zealand in RL.  Right now it is amusing me that I am writing about heading into autumn, when in fact I am heading into spring.  Funny ole world.

Items NOT in SH Hunt:

Hair:  D!va – Tomoko2

Skin:  Mojo – noMarylin

Scene:  Garden of Dreams – Dreamscape – The Wood Glade+


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