[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Tyler Hilton – “Missing You”]

[MOOD: Calm]

So, it’s finally here. The start of school, the cooler days, earlier sunsets and yes, the Summer Harvest Hunt! I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the start, am I right? Oh c’mon, we all know you’ve been counting down the days and even more than that, you’ve been swooning over the stuff from the Hunt, just like I have! My inventory is a MESS now – and I mean, a mess – from all the stuff from the hunt. It’s all so great, it’s really hard to pick just… one thing to blog. I’ve already done a post for some of the Hunt finds a few days ago, and I’m sure you’ve seen all the posts from the rest of the incredible bloggers about the Hunt, as well! Only thing is, I’ve been browsing, and I haven’t seen anyone blog this cave, or this sweater, which I love – so I decided to do it for you!

I will say, as much as I loved this little cave (which comes in a bright and a dark version), it scared the hell out of me. Here I was, getting pretty, rocking out to music in world, when all of a sudden I heard a ghostly howl. It knocked the wind out of me. I ended up muting my sounds and going straight to Spotify for the remainder of the photo taking process. I’m fairly certain that howl was from within that cave – and I was too scared to investigate. Someone else do it for me and let me know if it was or was not the cave, because if it’s not – suddenly my home is haunted and I need to fix that straight away! :O!

Anyway, enjoy the look!

– M

DRESS: ..:: NN ::.. SHH 04 Hunt Item from NiNight Creations

HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Carmen –  gingers

CAVE: Gift FOTA Hunt # 35  Dark Mint – Spirit of Dark Cave

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