Don’t Wake Me Up | Summer Harvesting…Again

Hey Everybody!

I am feeling somewhat better and stuff after a bit of playing in clothes. I usually suck at using props and whatnot but this prop had to be used TODAY. Playing in leaves used to be a childhood past time of mine. Oh yeahhhhh its time for another childhood story keep on reading hehe…

Through most of my childhood I lived in the same place so I had a nice handful of friends. My friends and I would rake up piles and piles and PILES of leaves we’d gather for it felt like days until we had a whole bunch….then we’d dump it out in front of my door since I was the only one with stairway access to a higher level…

…We would then stand on the railing and JUMP into the what felt like billions of leaves for hours lol. As a kid I didn’t worry about getting hurt too much and it was super fun. We’re a little old for that now but *in a whispered* I can so do it in SL guilt free…so I did thanks to Bent. This prop & pose set is part of the Summer Harvest Hunt. It’s another gift that had me completely speechless I can’t believe its FREE lol. Another goodie from the SHH (Summer Harvest Hunt) are my cute pants from Evolve. I remember when I first blogged something from evolve. I kinda knew from that point it would be one of my usual places to go when I wanna feel sparkly hehe.

Well dears um….It’s time for me to finish playing in these leaves and then pretend to be a *chokes on the words* Grown up. Toodles and if you get some time this IS a hunt to check out. 


Love Always 


What I have on

Skin: Modish – Chepe Natural in Choco
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes in Desert Twilight
Hair: Truth – Froukje in Mahogany
Lipstick: Illusory – Paige Lips in Toast High Gloss
Top: Sugar & Cyanide  – Crossed Top in Orange (Upcoming Lazy Sunday Buy)
Bottom: Evolve – Patched Cords in Pumpkin Summer Harvest Hunt

Prop: Bent Summer Harvest Hunt

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