What a feeling …

apologize for this absence, but my life has been somewhat SL upsets. But hey, this is so and as usual, shopping is an excellent remedy. And what remedy! My cheerfulness is came back with items from . Evolve. and choice of color was difficult, how to choose between 8 different colors? But I finally chose the color “Venus”, the planet of love, and we never too much love. And as this store offers 50% off this is the time (until September 20). Next I visited  “The Arcade” . There is abundance of pretty things, clothing, accessories, furniture and even mesh; avatars Unfortunately I crashed but I think go back there soon because I’m dying to buy all these beautiful things. Compulsive buyer? may well be, but I’d rather a “beautiful things” lover .

skin :[Ill] Illusory – Skin Milk – Collabor88 Exclusive
Hair : GOTZSCHE Hair. Renata – Grains
Top : ISON – leather panel tee
Pants : .evolve.celestial.leggings. (in Venus color)
Shoes : Ingenue :: Ariane :: Dove @ The Arcade
Necklace : haut.monde – Dream Wish Necklace@ The Arcade
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