As I’m on the task of deleting old stuff from my inventory (and keeping old good one), I find items I totally had forgotten. I barely remembered I had this jacket and I used to love it! It’s sad this store is not available anymore, they had amazing clothes. So I just had to wear it back. And this Teefy bag. I bought it on February at the TDR. I got the shades in the last Season Gatcha; and now you can buy the whole pack at marketplace for only 180L. Sometimes I wonder why I shop so much and I don’t even have a clear register of my closet. :/ Compulsive consumer issues much? 😛
JEANS: PaperBag. The Prissy Skinny Brite

BOOTS:[whatever] stripper boots – shoebase

BUSTIER: Sunny’s . Striped Red Bustier(new)

JACKET: S H I N E – Anne Frank Jacket (store closed)

TATTOO: [whatever] Goddess Isis – 30 %

HAIR: ““D!va”“ Hair “Vivienne” (Type A)(Cat’s eye)

SHADES:Alphavillain – Dad Shades (Gold)

BAG: Tee*fy Street Parker Shoulder Bag  For TDR Vday special( Marine)

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