A lil of this.. a lil of that…

The fabulous thing about costumes is that you can be who you want to be, you can change on a whim, you can be a princess one day, a vampire the next.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these goodies for the Costume Ball.  I have decided to take on my dark side a little, and show you some dark offerings soon to be available for us mere mortals…

This gorgeous lacy dress, complete with mesh gloves is from Haste, it oozes sex appeal but the mask that you get with it gives it that little dark twist… who is hiding beneath the mask?  She looks innocent enough, but is she? Under her perfectly tousled bun there is a wriggle and a hiss until BAM. SNAKE HAIR.. yeah ok I fail at stories as you can tell, I was never any good at RP 😀  THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS… looks can be deceiving.   My sexy, sleek, lacy little number might have everyone fooled, but the snakes on my head and monster teeth in my mouth tell a different story.

Costume Ball - Mini Teaser - Coming Soon

The snakes writhing around a top my head come in various colours, all shown here, and each colour has four different eye colours for you to choose from, so a good selection for you snake enthusiasts out there. A colour for every dark and demented or angelic and fluffy Costume you might want to don.   The skins are both available at The Costume Ball and are from Pink Fuel, we are graced with both an Alyx and a Kumi, in various tones and two makeups… one a luscious red lipped lady, the other a darker, woody and nutty flavour.  Just like me 😀

Attire: Haste @ The Costume Ball

Skin: Pink Fuel @ The Costume Ball

Eyes: Ziau @ The Costume Ball

Teeth: Ziau @ The Costume Ball

Snakes on a pl… um head: HANDverk @ The Costume Ball

Coming soon… to a venue near YOU!

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