Medusa Attends the Costume Ball Event!

Medusa Attends the Costume Ball Event!

Hey peeps, Inuoko Shikami here! Who wouldn’t attend the upcoming Costume Ball Event!? Even Medusa’s going, wearing some FREEBIE mesh jewels by a new, rockin’ store! Even though her hair is so unmanageable..and might bite people and steal their orderves…oh well!
The Majority of Medusa’s look can be found at the upcoming Costume Ball Event, brought to you by The Ego Co.!

What: The Costume Ball shopping event
When: October 24th at 12 pm (noon) SLT
Where:  ^-Not Yet Open-^
More Info: [X]

The Costume Ball is The Ego Co.’s halloween-themed event. This is not your usual blood, blood, gore event; it is a ball, after all. This event tastefully brings you  Halloween by showing you the classy side of darkness.

As a succubus, a demon of lust, Inu is very pleased to help promote and show you this event. Many exciting goodies and exclusives from some of your favorite SL brands will await you at the ball.~

Medusa Attends the Costume Ball Event!

As you can see, Medusa’s sitting around, thinking up evil deeds as she waits for the fun to begin…~

Inuoko Shikami \o/

Costume Ball  Credits:
Skin: Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) 
Hair: [HANDverk] – Medusa eyes 
Dress: Happy Undead – Black Widow Dress 
Sofa: .:SensaFine:.  – “Nevermore” Dark Parlour Set
Poses: Label Motion – Ana

Other Credits: 
Tattoo: .Olive. [X] – Darkest of Marks Shoulder Tattoo

Earrings: .Olive. – Earing Makybe? Right Ear Freebie GREY *Freebie*
Bracelet: .Olive. – the Maybe they’re real Bracelet Freebie GREY *Freebie*
Ring: .Olive. – the Maybe they’re realRing Freebie GREY *Freebie*

Eyes: -Suicidal Unborn!- Phantom Eyes  
Teeth: [ContraptioN] – Shark Teeth
Gloves: …::: Scrub :::… – WebGloves 
Nails: Mstyle – Long Nails v2 – ❤ Michael J. 
Shoes: J’s – Platform Pumps (Black)

[My Words Devour Souls]

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