Today’s LoTD is inspired by The Costume Ball, Ego Co’s newest event, opening tomorrow to the masses!

I wanted to use a prop for this post, but SL wasn’t playing ball… I will blog it though and it will be fabulous! MUAHAHAHA! For now, you just get me, half naked.  Sorry to disappoint!

First off, the hair… that isn’t from Costume Ball but it IS new, from Amacci!  This is the Ebba Hair, and it’s luscious and large and I thought it fit into my look perfectly, more coming from me soon about Amacci but for now this hair is firmly planted on my head and I love it!

The corset and collar combo are from Happy Undead for the upcoming event and come in a really great range of sizes, you get all the standard sizes, then each size has additional sizes, so that you get that perfect fit!   The Black Widow Set is a must for anyone that likes the dark and dangerous, and there is a matching dress too, if you would rather be a bit more covered up!

The Shoes are from Donna Flora and are one of her new releases, I decided to add a pop of colour and wore the Deep Red ones, the Ermes Shoes are mesh and there is also a matching (ish) bootie available too, more about them later.

Costume Ball - LOTD ft Donna Flora!

The luscious skin you see me in is Izzie’s Costume Ball item, it’s a special edition FUYU with four makeups, well eight really.. NINE ACTUALLY.  You get the base skin (middle) then you get four glosses and four lipsticks in Black, Red, Deep Red and Plum!   I do love me some Izzie skins and this is no exception, absolutely stunning

Izzies @ Costume Ball

Looking forward to seeing you there…

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