The Devils Puppet.

I’ve always imagined I’m a little devilish on the inside, now I can be it on the outside too, except some people find Devils uncontrollable, and they keep them hidden away, using them as little puppets.

This new pose from from Evolve for The Costume Ball is, for want of a better word, amazeballs.   It’s mesh, it’s beautiful, it works wonderful with shadows.  It’s a must own for anyone that loves to take photographs.

Evolve | Cracked Mirror @ Costume Ball

The prop comes with 5 poses, all with wearable rope props for that extra realism.  You can use it for closeups, long range shots, hell you can use it for whatever the hell you want, really!!!  The outfit I am wearing is also available for The Costume Ball from the delectable and saucy Cracked Mirror.   This is a lil Devilish number literally!  The set comes with gorgeous sparkly red dress complete with devils tail and devils fork (you can see it lying on the floor in a few pics,  THEY WOULDN’T LET ME HOLD IT), and cute lil horns.  Another sexy outfit to collect for the Halloween folder, I am loving it.

The skin is the Pink Fuel skin available at the event, and comes with devil red lips… I sense a theme here.  Hair is from Alice Project and is the newest offering for Zodiac (offering like a sacrifice, srsly).

Now if someone could just loosen these ropes a bit…

Evolve | Cracked Mirror @ Costume Ball

Costume Ball opens TODAY, people. Are YOU ready?

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