The Lair

The Lair

I hear a hiss beyond the shadows… should I run? No. Something draws me near.

I take another step forward and the hissing grew louder. What is it? or WHO is it?

There’s a figure lurking in the dark… like it’s waiting for the right time to pounce.

“Come out!” I said. Should I have said that? and soon enough the figure makes itself known…

The Lair - Medusa

It’s MEDUSA! I stood there, gazing into her red eyes not knowing the consequences.

I froze. I should have never looked at her. I should have ran.

I felt my feet turning into stone… my legs… my waist… arms… and lo! darkness engulfed me.


furniture: .:SF:. “Nevermore” Dark Parlour Set (Costume Ball)

skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx <Vanilla> Siren (Costume Ball)

mask+dress: [Haste] Costume Ball Dress (Costume Ball)

fangs: #Ziau# Mesh Monster Fangs (Costume Ball)

hair: [HENDverk] Medusa Hair (Costume Ball)

pose: PURPLE POSES Mel 05 (Costume Ball)

eyes: .ID. Steampunk Crimson

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