When talking about the past, I sometimes feel like I’m picking up shattered fragments of pottery, trying to feel out the shape of something long since destroyed and forgotten.

Sometimes the fragments match, make a whole, sometimes they don’t.

There are gaps, there are too many pieces. Some never happened, or just didn’t happen that way.

I just wander through my mind at those times, let others fill in the blanks of the conversations, smile and agree to things I have no inkling of. Not even the tiniest shard of memory remaining.

Names that mean nothing to me, voices I no longer remember. They’re everywhere. Facts I was told that I’ve since forgotten.

If my mind is a library I am a poor librarian. The books are not allowed to gather dust on these shelves, instead they are consigned to a fire. Perhaps this is why I am so good at secrets. I forget them so soon after I’m told. Of course there are exceptions, though large chunks of my past are simply gone. I grope for the pieces and find only a few chips of color meaningless without the context that I can no longer provide.

Shape: Custom
Skin: Mother Goose – Nadine (Dollarbie)
Eyes: Plastik – Bloodless
Hair: Truth – Danielle
Corset: Plastik – Daunting Fate Corsets(Halloween 2012 gift)
Jacket: Valentina E. Couture – Cadet Jacket(FaMESHed)
Pants: Sn@tch – Heavy Metal Jeans (Resting Place Gift)
Shoes: Tonktastic – Resistance Boots
Necklaces: Virtual Insanity – Heavy Cross Choker, Virtual Insanity – Run With Scissors Necklace, #Ziau# Drop Dead
Bracelets: Me. Jewelery – Pearl Time Bracelet
Piercings: Sn@tch – Eternal Life Piercing(Resting Place Gift)

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