A lil’ taste of Africa

A new event will come very soon ! I tell you about it a few week ago: Around the Wolrd event, organized by the Ego Co, will begin November 15th !

Around the world will be a gathering of participating designers to come together and choose a region of the world. Not only will they create content that is based off of that region, they will bring it to life. Captivating culture and putting the very breath of diversity into the fingertips of a seller; shoppers will come to Around the World to experience the senses of these places.

I guess you don’t wanna miss it now ūüėČ I’ll write the lm soon so.. stay tuned !

  • Skin:¬†Fake¬†~LonaNative Shaman¬†[Around the World]
  • Hair:¬†Rumina¬†~Alicia [New!]
  • Piercing :¬†Ziau¬†~Amateratsu Piercing Set¬†¬†[Around the World]
  • Top:¬†22769¬†~Olabisi Top triangle¬†¬†[Around the World]
  • Pant :¬†Ricielli¬†~Sally skinny
  • Bracelets & Ring:¬†Miwardrobe¬†~ Ethnic
  • Shoes:¬†Hucci¬†~Roseau booties¬†[Collabor 88]

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