Around the World, as mentioned in my previous post, starts TOMORROW PEOPLE *flail*… Here is a whole post dedicated to Magoa with a hint of Sways and a bit of Barnesworth, a whiff of Wasabi Pills and a lot of Al Vulo!

The items are being sold under the brand Ciao Bella! in the Western Europe section of Around the World, it’s not sold anywhere else atm although it was previously released (shortly) by Keira for the Magoa brand, these inspiring outfits were resurrected exclusively for the duration of ATW under Ciao Bella (BellaStaff Fhang ladies and gents, awesome lady TICAW). ANYWAY, that was just incase you were confused, I’ve probably confused you more, however.

First we start off with a set that includes the gorgeous Yuka Relaxation Set from Sways, the set comes with all the pieces shown but also in darker versions and with smaller planters, it’s an absolutely STUNNING set of items that would look great anywhere, mine looks particularly great in my Barnesworth Marrakesh Oasis that is currently on sale at Collabor88.

The outfit in this picture is the Circus of Intrigue, a sprightly little number with a ferris wheel headpiece, I really don’t need to say more, do I???  As an aside the skin worn in all pics is the Eleanor skin from Al Vulo, and the hair is the new and wonderful Kylee mesh hair from Wasabi Pills that is a gorgeous flowing style with a braid over the top for a cute, but sexy and sassy feel!

Around The World | Sways | Magoa

Next we have the Dahlia Outfit, complete with little top hat, this is the perfect dark picture of beauty and that something a lil different.  Please remember that these items are NOT mesh, and do come with sculpt pieces etc, I know some people are not keen on that soooo just remember that if you’re click happy!

Around The World | Magoa & Sways

The Hug Yourself outfit might be one of my favs, complete with pretty (yes pretty) straight jacket, this number made me smile when I put it on, which probably wasn’t meant to happen but it made me happy that someone wasn’t afraid to think outside the box and do a gorgeous outfit complete with cuffs and the like that doesn’t make light of mental illness, more points out the constraints it can sometimes have on you, just because you aren’t IN a straight jacket, doesn’t mean you don’t feel confined by whatever your illness might be.

Around The World | Magoa | Hug Yourself

Plurk Paranoia particularly touched me, a dress with a thousand and fourty four (or something) eyeballs and ALL on you.  Sometimes Plurk (and other places) can feel like you are judged, mocked, bullied (I don’t bandy around that word for fun), and sometimes just plain stared at by everyone, I don’t often think about it myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have nothing to hide, I try to see the best in everyone, although some peoples best is… could do better and I do not believe in mocking or hurting others if I can help it, ESPECIALLY not on a public forum like that, but this dress captures how many of us may feel daily… all eyes on YOU.

Around The World | Magoa | Plurk Paranoia

The Rorscharch (think that’s right!) dress is a plain number with blots and cards for the skirt, in a “what can YOU see” kinda way.  I always look at those ink blots and I don’t wonder about what I see, I wonder about what everyone else can see, either way I see a few things in this dress and it’s another refreshing addition to my wardrobe!

Around The World | Magoa | Rorscharch

Finally the Writers Republic, a dress made from swirling words, sentences and wisdom.  Perhaps not a dress you’d wear on the catwalk, or even in front of the TV, but I think every one of these rereleases can give you something to think about, whether it good, bad, indifferent… it can inspire you to try harder, make you feel better that you aren’t alone, or simply just be an addition to your wardrobe.   Second Life is what you make of it, right?  Well so is your wardrobe!    Around the World is inspiring, wonderful and open tomorrow, don’t forget.

Around The World | Magoa | The Writers Republic


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