Wonderful furnishing to be found at Around The World

There is really some nice furniture to be found at Around the World event. I know we tend to focus on the clothing and all mostly when blogging events but I was very impressed with the furnishing made available !!

Firstly, all furnishing I blogged in this post were staged in a beautiful skybox brought to us by 22769.  Paco also made some beautiful clothing that I will be blogging in my next post , so don’t miss it!

This is the skybox . It comes with or without desert  background. My picture really does not do it justice, but yeah def worth the look.


Skybox-22769 ~ [bauwerk] Moroccean Skyhome


Couch-.:SF:. “Lahore” Antique Pakistani Divan
Mirror-.:SF:. “Tehran” Turquoise Mosaic Mirror
Picture framed-.:SF:. “Tehran” Framed Illuminated Persian Manuscript
Pitcher-.:SF:. “Tehran” Turquoise Pitcher
Chest-.:SF:. “Shalimar” Inlaid Mughal Chest

Credits Due:

PRIME-Mamani set includes all seen plus a bed 😀

xoxo Jaliyah latrell


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