New York

New York

Ohai peeps! Inuoko’s sporting a few more goodies from the Around The World event, as well as some other new items. 😀

I’ve never been to New York…hell, i’ve barely left my state, but based off of what i’ve seen in not-so-old movies, I imagine someone wandering the streets in an outfit like this. Perhaps she’s on her way to become a star.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but I have a very active imagination.  I’m sure many people in New York don’t dress too much different from here unless they’re a star. Anywhos, I think Inuoko looks like she’s ready to be a virtual star! This purty succubus looks ready to chase her dreams! 😀

I’m really digging the shape I showed you yesterday! I know it’s not my usual style, but the shape + the lips on the new The Sugar Garden skin, “Baby”, I find it to be very breathtaking. Not to mention that Kyle wants kisses now more than ever. xD

As promised from yesterday, today I bring you a luscious taste of some of the lickable lip makeups that were released to go with the skin, “Baby”.

None     |      Baby Balm Pink
New York
Baby  LiquiShine Pink     |     Baby Smooches Pink

As you can see, i’ve choosen to show you one of each of the type of lip options you can choose. “None” of course is the lips of the skin with no lip makeup, pretty right? The rest are the pink tones of the 3 new lip makeup choices available; Baby Balm, Baby LiquiShine, and Baby Smooches.

[TP TO: The Sugar Garden]

– Inuoko Shikami \o/

Around the World [X info] Event Items:
Poses: !Bang – Mini Series – Strength
Piercing: #Ziau# – Amaterasu Piercing Set #Septum ONLY# >Full Piercing included<
Bracelet/Ring: (flaunt) – Chained Love >Metal Changeable< 
Ring: .Olive. – the I’m Gunna Gangnam Ring – Bizzy Bizzy Blue 
Bracelet, Blue: .Olive. – the So Kawaii Face Bracelet – Dawww Face (Wishy Washy Blue) >Bow Colorchange<
Bracelet, BangleNoodles – Shane Bangle Silver (Pink) 
Apple May Designs: Say It! – Mesh Top – New York 

[TP TO: Around the World Event]

Hair: [taketomi] – Maggie Karafuru
Eyes: Dead Apples – Couleur Noisette
Nails: Mstyle – Long Nails v2 – Princesses Rule!

Create an OUTFIT:
Shorts: – CHANDELLE [X] – – Short Jeans Lian blue *New*
Gloves: [GLUE INK] – Ree Gloves (White Lace)
Socks: [SOUP] – hizance* -white x black *gatcha*
Glasses: *Epic* – Mesh Checkered Nerd Glasses
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Babette – Combo ALL – JET SILVER
Boots: Blueberry – Knee High Sneaker Boots – Candy *New*

Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] – Schatje Whiskers
Horns: {Lemon Tea} – Horny Bumps (Pink) >Not Available<
Tail: {Lemon Tea} [X] – Upright Demon Tail (Glossy Pink)

[My Words Devour Souls]

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