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The Ego Co. is currently looking for a small number of bloggers to contribute to The Ego Co. blog.  If selected, you would be added as a staff member and would blog events and information directly to The Ego Co. blog.  If after reading through our listed events, you feel you would like to contribute, please complete the form below and you will be contacted by a member of The Ego Co. team to discuss further specifics for blogging with us!

Applications for The Ego Co. Blogging Team are open! Complete the form below! Please note that due to a high volume of applicants, if you are not selected as a blogger, you will not be contacted, but you are encouraged to re-apply at a later time. ❤


3 thoughts on “Blogger Information

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  2. Jus A Blogger says:

    I was ejected from the bloggers group due to lack of posts. And I asked nicely if they would re-consider and I will make it up for the next event. I was told that there are other bloggers applying and got ejected anyway.And I totally understand that. However, I know a couple of bloggers who are a part of this group and have not posted for a while but are still in the group. Is this like a case of who you know at Ego Management? Because if it is, I feel offended.

    • Bells says:

      Hi Laine. As I mentioned to you before when we spoke, other bloggers have applied and should be given the opportunity to blog where others did not. Your lack of posts was the reason and the only reason for your removal from the group. If you’d list the names of the bloggers that we’ve neglected to remove from the group due to not posting here, I’ll be happy to look into that. We are pretty thorough when it comes to this due to the fact that we have an obligation to designers participating in our events to ensure they aren’t distributing items to those who fail meet their blogging criteria. I take that very seriously and I feel it’s fair to do so. However, we are all human and make mistakes, so if I have overlooked something, I’m always happy to be advised of that. As I have said, please feel free to leave those names and I will look into and/or address it for you. Have a wonderful day!

      ETA: I did forget to mention that we have added several bloggers recently (to bulk up on our number and replace those not posting). The most recent additions would not be held to the same event obligations as the older bloggers. Thanks!

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