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Costume Ball is in full swing! Soo many pretty things as I am sure most of you are aware of by now, because like….who could resist tping in to check things out?!  You will not be disappointed with all the pretties from some of the best designers across the grid.



Sophia Harlow


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Summer Fun!

Oh good morning my lovelies!  I am all happy and caffeinated this morning!  I’m sure you heard about Fluid, sponsored by The Ego Co. right?  Well it’s a recurring bi-weekly, themed event showcasing the talents of 12 pose, animation, prop, and furniture designers for the two week run.  Which is the perfect event for those of us who love all things “posey”!

You can find this new set of 4 (2 not shown) awesomely adorable poses by .Pekka.,  which are actually perfect for summer fun at Fluid starting well… TODAY!  This is actually the first rotation of the event,  isn’t that super exciting?

Now that I live on this beautiful beach,  my wardrobe needs more summer cuteness right?  I found this adorable outfit at Apple May Designs.  It’s called Angel and is definitely perfect for summer.  It shows off just the right amount of skin.  There are three different colors to choose from.  I actually think this outfit goes great with these poses too,  which is awesome!

Don’t forget to head down to Fluid and see what amazingness (yay for my made up words) awaits!

Style Card:

Outfit: AMD – Angel – Sky – NEW!!

Skin: Glam Affair -Leah – Natural

Hair: Lelutka – Belle – Marilyn

Shoes: Slink – Ilena Sandals – Beige

Feet: Slink – Women’s Natural Barefeet

Necklace: Earthstones – Niesha Necklace – Paua/MOP

Earrings: Earthstones – Niesha Earrings – Paua/MOP

Ring: Je Suis – Voyante Gemstone Ring

Bracelets: Earthstones – Gypsy Bangles – Silver/Sea

Nails: Synthetique – Greens to Blues Colour Tactics Series

Poses: .Pekka. – Eva – @ Fluid

With Love and Cupcakes,


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The Sky is Falling!

Nah, I guess it’s not really falling, is it?  But it sure feels like it sometimes!  Things are crazy here- some good, some not so good.  What’s falling on me right now?  Prep work for my new teaching job!  So yay for that, but like all teaching gigs, the unpaid prep hours tend to get lengthy.  The result?  A sadface and much less time with my peeps on Plurk and inworld.

However, I still have my little feelers out there in SL-land, so I have a couple of things to tell you about.
The Mesh Around hunt is almost over!  You’ve got a couple more days to go and get all the meshy goodies.  (Oh!  And on the mesh note, I have made a couple of tweaks to my shape after reading some blog posts and tutorials and am much happier with how things are fitting.)
As Mesh Around wraps up, Fluid begins!  Fluid is a pose and prop centric, theme-based event that cycles on two-week rotations.  So, what that means is that we have 12 designers creating around a theme (this rotation is Summer Fun) and their items will be available at Fluid for their two week period.  So expect to find some great beach, amusement park and picnic poses, props, animations and furniture at this rotation, which begins June 15th and runs until June 30th.  I’m using one of the cute hula poses from Bent as part of my drama llama, Chicken Little pic.

(Hunt gifts from Mesh Around will be noted with italics.
Items in the first round of Fluid will be noted in bold.)

Skirt | Evolve – Dandy Skirt (Ecru)
Shirt | Tree and Ocean SL (TOSL) – Highland Plaid Shirt (B&W)
Shoes and Socks | MAAI – Sugar Buckled Heels (Black, with Color-change Socks)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – About (Black 04)
Skin | Illusory – Love (Milk Tone, Daydream Makeup)
Bracelet | Earthstones – Tumbled Stone Bracelet (Night Sky)
Ring | Whippet & Buck – Enough of That Ring (Navy)
Eyes | Vision by A:S:S – Intense (Jungle, Clear)

Pose | BENT – Hula 5

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Wow is the Mesh Around Hunt going strong and in full steam.  I thought today, I’d grab Maci and I’d show you one (really two!) of my favorite sweet dresses!  The Night and Day gift from Sakide!

This is the sweet floral print Daytime dress.  A lot of extras with this gift including Shoes (Not shown) for both dresses!  The skin I am wearing here is the limited addition Mia skin from Glam Affair for the CHIC2 event!  It’s so stunning!

This is the Night time version in sexy black and modeled by our gorgeous cupcake Maci.

But that’s not all!  I’d love to call your attention to these sexy, sultry, summery PINK nails!  These are not a part of the hunt, but they are the newest release by Synthetique.  15 Gorgeous shades of pinks on one hud!  You know a really cool thing about Synthetique nails?  If you already own a pair, and buy a second, you don’t need to remove the nails and put the new ones on.  And Synthetique hud will work with the Synthetique nails you’re wearing.  So convenient.  This is my favorite brand of nails now, and I don’t wear anything else!

Style Cards:

Joie (Pic one)

Dress: Sakide – Romantic Day dress  (Mesh Around)

Skin: Glam Affair – Mia (Natural)  (CHIC2)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Shiki (Cinnamon)

Shoes: Leverocci – OTK Boot (Python, pearl)

Jewelry: Earthstones – Genie Set (Moonstone)

Nails: Synthetique – Color Tactic Series (Pinks)


Dress: Sakide – Seductive Night Dress (Mesh Around)

Skin: Glam Affair – Leah – Natural

Hair: Magika – Calm

Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots – Black

Necklace: – .HoD. – The Crosary – Female

Brass Knuckles: Epic Arsenal – Brass Knuckles – Black


*BLITZED* Chorus bracelet – Black

Piercing: [-iPoke-] Morse

Tattoo: Para Designs Invictus – Med

Nails: Synthetique – Gunmetals Colour Tactics

Make-up: Izzie’s – Glitter Eye Make-Up – Smoke

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