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The Costume Ball-Amour Éternel

The Costume Ball is set to unveil its curtains Wednesday, October 24th!  With a stellar lineup of designers, a fluid and macabre venue, the Costume Ball brings about images of grand ballrooms and mystical creatures that sway in Gothic lace and blood red lips to gaze upon.  A grand masquerade just in time for All Hallow’s Eve!

I had a great time setting up this preview this evening, though I did have a few snags that made it more of a cursing fest than a baroque themed piano concerto.  For a funny thing happened on the way to the Costume Ball; I had picked out mon cherie Gabriella’s outfit while she was busy in that evil real life realm.  I purchased the erotic necromancer outfit from Deviance, not realizing with my foggy brain that Deviance is one of the amazing designers involved with the Costume Ball.  Gabriella and I perused the items offered for the event and low and behold I spot the Deviance outfit and facepalmed loud enough for her to worry I had a concussion! Funny how things happen, kismet I tell ya!

But enough about my strange adventures covering this great event, what will your Costume Ball be about?  The only limitation is your imagination!

“Even in death, our love will endure.”

Amour Éternal (Click Image For Large View)

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

*Skin-[PF] Kumi <Java> – Oak (Available at The Costume Ball October 24th)

Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Red Mahogany)

Hair-Alice Project-Sari II  and Sari Braids – Infinity (Available at Cinema)

Nails-Sexy Mamas Prim Nail – Glitter

Outfit-Deviance – Necromancer complete outfit –  Midnight Rose

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Fallen Gods STATUExy – clean stone

Hairbase-MADesigns Tintable Hair Base ~ Stripe 3

Eyes-.ID. Bionic / Mesh Eyes / Deep Teal (Available @ Cinema)

Horns-[europa] Maelus horns LAVA

Make-Up-Shakeup! – Shakeup! Dia de los Muertos Tattoo Mask-Catrina Makeup B (Available at The Costume Ball October 24th)

*Ears-#Ziau# Mesh Ear – Monster (Available at The Costume Ball October 24th)

Outfit-A:S:S Pan-Demonium (Exclusive outfit created for AVENUE CINQUE)

*Pose-Purple Poses – Couple 190 (Available at The Costume Ball October 24th)

*Decor-.:SF:. “Nevermore” Dark Parlour Set

*Promotional Copy-Thank You!

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