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She’s just a Puppet…

Oh hello again my lovelies!  I trust you are all having an amazing day!  By now I am sure you all know that The Costume Ball is opening tomorrow October 24th at Noon SLT!  I’m so excited to see everything I haven’t had a chance to see yet and thought I’d take this opportunity to show you a few of the awesome things I found there!

I seriously adore this AMAZEBALLS Prop from evolve called The Puppeteer!  Bells has outdone herself for sure!  It has 5 super awesome poses,  with the wrist ropes to add to each one.  It also comes with the poses in the box in case you wanted to use them that way!  Did I mention it is a FULLY MESH prop?  Amazing right?  You absolutely need this.

Another amazing item you can find there is this amazing Costume Ball Dress by [Haste]!  I adore this awesome MESH dress that the lovely Harvest made,  it’s absolutely fabulous!   It comes with the matching gloves in two sizes and this really cute Face Mask that changes color!  You can’t see well from these pictures but the open back of this dress is to die for!

While I’m yacking about things I grabbed at The Costume Ball I need to mention this oh so sexy skin I’m wearing from Pink Fuel.  It’s called Alyx and just one of the two Femme Fatale Series skins made for the event.  Each skin comes with a Lip Glaze Tattoo as well!

I am also loving these Mesh Monster Eyes that come in Silver and Gold from Ziau!  They are stunning with just the right gleam in them to make me look a little more evil then I already am.  they are just one of three awesome Monster themed items from Ziau at The Costume Ball!

Get My Look…

Costume Ball Stuffs…

Dress: [Haste] – Costume Ball Dress w/Mask and Gloves

Skin: Pink Fuel – Femme Fatale – Alyx Vanilla – Siren

Eyes: Ziau – Mesh Monster Eyes – Silver

Prop/Poses: evolve – The Puppeteer

Everything Else…

Hair: lamb – Lovage – Rotten Carrot

Lashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 39 – Luscious

Shoes: Baiastice – Ute Mesh Pumps – Black

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Black Widow Spider  @ Limited Bazaar

With Love and Cupcakes,


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Costume Ball — Who’s That Girl

The Ego Co. will be opening the doors to the Costume Ball tomorrow and I’m giving you a peek at some of the items awaiting you!

This time of year is full of parties, and what better way to make an entrance than with an air of mystery? For those who wish to make others ponder your identity, you will want to pick up the creation from[Haste] which includes the stunning gown and alluring mask.


At the end of the night, when you reveal yourself, you will take their breath away while wearing Izzie’s Fuyu skin, shape, blush, and any of the four lipsticks or four lip glosses in the package you’ll find at The Costume Ball!


I’ll be bringing you more items from the Costume Ball, so keep your eyes open!

Happy Shopping!



Gown:  [Haste] — Costume Ball Dress (Costume Ball edition)

Skin, Shape, Makeup:  Izzie’s — Fuyu (Costume Ball edition)

Hair:  [e] — Paper (white 05)

Pose:  WetCat — Linares Flamenco 4

Location:  London Commumity

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The Costume Ball

Dress & gloves : Haste @ The Costume Ball * – Costume ball dress

Furnitures : SensaFine @ The Costume Ball * – Nevermore dark parlour set (settee, area rug, floor cushion, curtains, wall sconce light)

Hair : Dela – mesh hair Mango

Feet : SLink – mesh feet

Photographer and model : Elemiah Choche

* The Costume Ball starting on October 24 th. Don’t miss this Ego Co. event !

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A lil of this.. a lil of that…

The fabulous thing about costumes is that you can be who you want to be, you can change on a whim, you can be a princess one day, a vampire the next.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these goodies for the Costume Ball.  I have decided to take on my dark side a little, and show you some dark offerings soon to be available for us mere mortals…

This gorgeous lacy dress, complete with mesh gloves is from Haste, it oozes sex appeal but the mask that you get with it gives it that little dark twist… who is hiding beneath the mask?  She looks innocent enough, but is she? Under her perfectly tousled bun there is a wriggle and a hiss until BAM. SNAKE HAIR.. yeah ok I fail at stories as you can tell, I was never any good at RP 😀  THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS… looks can be deceiving.   My sexy, sleek, lacy little number might have everyone fooled, but the snakes on my head and monster teeth in my mouth tell a different story.

Costume Ball - Mini Teaser - Coming Soon

The snakes writhing around a top my head come in various colours, all shown here, and each colour has four different eye colours for you to choose from, so a good selection for you snake enthusiasts out there. A colour for every dark and demented or angelic and fluffy Costume you might want to don.   The skins are both available at The Costume Ball and are from Pink Fuel, we are graced with both an Alyx and a Kumi, in various tones and two makeups… one a luscious red lipped lady, the other a darker, woody and nutty flavour.  Just like me 😀

Attire: Haste @ The Costume Ball

Skin: Pink Fuel @ The Costume Ball

Eyes: Ziau @ The Costume Ball

Teeth: Ziau @ The Costume Ball

Snakes on a pl… um head: HANDverk @ The Costume Ball

Coming soon… to a venue near YOU!

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The Costume Ball

Heyy! So the husband and I worked ALLLLLLLL day on our day off to get this outfit done. We are really happy with it, and I hope y’all will love it also! Its 100% mesh and only available at The Costume Ball on October 24th at 12 pm SLT! Also the mask comes with a script that can change to 8 different colors! This event is being ran by The Ego Co, and I’m extremely excited for it! So many great designers involved in this event! I’m taking a sneak peak picture inside the event, and its so spooky classy and amazing! ❤

The Costume Ball In –

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Siren’s Call

On October the 24th, The Ego Co will be presenting The Costume Ball ~ A whimsical, gothic and frightening experience held at the Fable sim. With over twenty-five designers, this small dark soiree is sure to be a wonderful hit! One of many items to be found is this beckoning call from [Pink Fuel]. Femme Fatale comes in Kumi (Java) and Alyx (Vanilla, Peach, and Ivory) and with it’s own make-up and brow colors. I am wearing Alyx in Peach called Siren, which I absolutely loved the red red lips. It seemed only fitting to give myself my own femme fatale look and pair it off with the Mini Deep Club Dress in Red from [Haste]. It’s plunging neckline leaves not much to be imagined, but at least I’m a bit covered. Lastly, the jewelry is new and soon to be coming from Caelan Hancroft! She’s been hard at work in making such simple and yet elegant mesh pieces, and I’m looking forward to her store opening up soon!

So remember! The Costume Ball opens on Wednesday, October 24th! Mark your calendars! Cae :: will be opening Soon! And you can pick up this smexy dress over at Fable at the [Haste] store NOW!

Dress: [Haste] Mini Deep Club Dress – Red / Harvest Dezno *NEW*
Necklace: Cae :: Entangled :: Necklace / Caelan Hancroft *Coming Soon*
Earrings: Cae :: Entangled :: Earrings / Caelan Hancroft *Coming Soon*
Flower: Shakeup! Catrina Hair Flowers / Carrie Janick *The Costume Ball – October 24th*
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Alyx <Peach> – Siren (aubbrow) / Moci Milena *The Costume Ball – October 24th*
Shape: My own
Hair: [Elikatira] Wherever – Red05 / Elikapeka Tiramisu
Eyes: .ID. STR / Mesh Eyes / The Woods / Green / Audrey Lamede
Freckles: Izzie’s – Elena Freckles Natural (body & face) / Izzie Button
Eyeliner: Izzie’s – Elena Eyeliner / Izzie Button
Eyelashes: Maitreya Mesh Eyelashes / Onyx LeShelle
Pose: (marukin) /Valencia Southard

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Holey Moley ~ The Summer Harvest Hunt!

Holey Moley! The Summer Harvest Hunt is getting under way and it’s amazing!! Have you seen all the items out there that are just ripe for the ‘acorn’ picking? Seriously if you haven’t taken a look at what this end of summer – falling into fall hunt has to offer, you really should!

We have such amazing stores such as [Haste], Amour Signature, Tea Time, [trs] and Valentina E.! For a list of Hints and Slurls you can visit The Ego Co Website!

Credits for these looks after the jump! Happy Hunting!

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The Summer Harvest Hunt has begun!

It’s September 1, 2012 at 12pm SLT! You know what that means?  That’s right, The Summer Harvest Hunt has officially begun!  Your hint list and a picture gallery of many hunt gifts are below!  Happy Hunting!


I’m feeling lazy today.


Racked up with Lace


Allison and Ashley are the best of friends

NiNight Creations

Sometimes acorns fall off of the tree on giraffe’s nose


Think I’ll take a break from hunting and read for a bit.

Little House of Curios

If this window bar wasn’t blocking it, I could see the waterfall.

* Rivendell *

The bunny holds your gift.


Look Up…


Look for a pretty mannequin.


The little guy down there got the swing of things…

Organica Specialty Trees

Oh Hay Der!


Things are looking up this early autumn.

Trompe Loeil

Acorns come from trees, of course, and Trompe Loeil has a colorful mesh arbor with acorns scattered across the ground…find the special one next to our exclusive Stone Slab Bench on display!


Where the green fern grows.


We can all use a lil help sometimes.

Nani Poses

Summer is almost over, but you can still party til you pass out.


free like a bird


I want a new tattoo


Don’t fall off.

Jamman Jewels

Between the dots the red arow shows you the way.


I’m blue.


Where the squirrels play…

Cleo Design

Hiding in the rafters.

Fly Lily! Poses

I love to land on your nose or flower petals.

The Plastik

Between the birds, Between the wings, hidden, what you seek.


Look out for dust bunnies under here.


I am Holy; The Mighty. Powerful, wise and non-violent.

Happy Undead

There is dust on these unused boards.


xoxo 🙂


Heading south, on the wings of a bird.

Sugar & Cyanide

Look..an acorn in mid-fall.


I think I dropped something back here…

Amour Fashion

It’s not quite a tree, but it will do!

22769 ~ casual couture

Slap the ORANGE hintgiver at the landing point!


Birds of a feather.


Up, up, and away!

Pirate Arts

Like my hat?

B&T Mesh Studio

Look at all these goodies!


Best not sit on me.

[HT] Hometown

Careful not to squish me!

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*

Well, that’s one way to roast acorns…


Cash, Money, Quid, Dosh, Yen, Koku.

Asteria Creations

I love my denim overalls.

Has Been

Oh, look..a whole room full of mesh!

Prism Furniture

Lay back and relax by the candlelight…


Fruit Harvest.

e! Eclectic Apparel

Just around the corner…


A flower dances in the wind…


I’m heated by candles.

Pixel Snobs

Empire waist dresses are so in this season.

Vero Modero

the most beautiful harvest of all is having a child

Valentina E.

I can’t reach, even on my tiptoes.

Wall Candy

John Lennon holds your hunt gift.

Shabby Shack

Quick! The mole is trying to bury it!

[Sleeping Koala]

That’ll be 0L, please!


…enjoy a picnic.

The :Madness: Within

Hold onto the railing.


That acorn fell right into my cleavage.


I’m wet…someone threw water on me!

[Insatiable Fashions]

Look between the branches!

Sparrowtree Studios Poses

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.

Alice Project



That acorn seems to have rolled right into a meshy corner. Did you peek behind the gold top?

Aphrodite Shop

It must be on that bloody fountain.


Let’s go tree climbing.


Oh nooo, we have a leaking pipe in the store!


Turn the lights on!

Loordes Of London

Don’t let your neck get cold.


I nearly tripped over this while looking at Urmila.

[ a.e. meth ]



On a cellular level.


Arsenic & Old Lace


I need to dust off these shelves.

*Tea TIme*

Under the table & dreaming.

Absent Designs

Domo arigato, mr. roboto.


Harvest Hunting is tops.

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Summer Harvest

Hey hey! So starting September 1st, The Ego Co is putting on another hunt called The Summer Harvest Hunt where sooo many great designers put together items for you to search for! Can’t wait for this hunt to kick off. I’ll have alot more items to show you also when I have more time! This is just a little taste. Oh and mine and my husband participated in this event – our first one – with our new store [Haste]! I’m wearing the cuteness that is the corset and undies! <33

Summer Harvest In –

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