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22769 Goes Moroccean for Around The World

22769 - Moroccean Skyhome

In two short days, Ego Co.’s Around the World event will begin. You can read more info on Around The World HERE. 22769 is one of the creators for Around The World, and they made the amazing Moroccean Skyhome.  Open, spacious, airy, perfect for those of you who want something a little different for your skyhome.   I am wearing the Silk Flare Pants and Oversized Shirt, both from 22769, and will be available at ATW.

22769 - Moroccean Skyhome 1

Quiet Night

Quiet Night
It is just a relaxing night on the couch after a night of killing for the V family.  Content, happy, bloody, with their trusty dog Chuckie next to them as the cuddle on the “Nevermore” couch from Senzafine.  The “Nevermore” set includes Area Rug, Curtains, Floor Cushion, Settee, Wall Sconce’s.  You can grab the set at “The Costume Ball” starting on October 23rd thru November 1st.

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