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[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed – “Now That I’ve Found You”]

[MOOD: Exhausted]

Guess what! The Around the World event opens today! After all these blog posts you’ve been seeing, I can only imagine how excited you are to finally get in there to shop your little fashion obsessed butts off! I wanted to bring you one more preview post of some stuff you can find from the event, so alas, here it is! Be sure to check back here at noon time SLT so you can grab the landmark to the event, I can’t give it to you until then! It’ll be here though.

Now, enjoy the post!

– M

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[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Christina Aguilera – “Just A Fool”]

[MOOD: Thoughtful]

I am so excited about this blog post because not only is it stuff featured from the Around the World event but because it’s a brand new release from Geometry! They haven’t released new articles of clothing in goodness knows how long, and today I woke up to three new releases! Consider this fashion obsessed avatar super happy! I can’t wait until the AtW event opens and you guys can see what the designers have come up with! If you guys forgot the details about the Around the World event, see this post here!


– M

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[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Lifehouse – “In Your Skin”]

[MOOD: Excited]

That’s right guys, the Around the World Event is gearing up and is almost ready to open, and let me tell you how excited I am. I am SUPER excited about this event because it seems like a really challenging one for the designers involved, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the golden gates to swing open so I can could sneak in to take a peek at some of the stuff. If you don’t know what this event is, here’s a little insight for you:

Around the World will be a gathering of participating designers to come together and choose a region of the world. Not only will they create content that is based off of that region, they will bring it to life. Captivating culture and putting the very breath of diversity into the fingertips of a seller; shoppers will come to Around the World to experience the senses of these places. New or old, it will feel like they are being taken away, a haze of Africa clouding their sight; the bustle of Russia biting their fingertips; the heat of midsummer China sweltering along their collar. More than just an event, it is a milestone of celebrating equality in Second Life and culture in a virtual world.


North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe


The Middle East

Asia Major

Asia Minor

Australia/New Zealand

Sounds epic, doesn’t it? Needless to say, when I snuck past the gates this morning I was thrilled by what I saw and had to blog it asap! I’ll post with the slurl on the 15th, when the event opens, because I know if I do it ahead of time all you eager beavers will be going before you are supposed to. Naughty naughty.

Anyway, enjoy my first sneak preview look from the Around the World event!

– M

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[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Chris Brown – “Don’t Judge Me”]

[MOOD: Thrilled!]

It’s finally here! My excitement is out of this world on the scale of just how excited I am about this event having finally arrived! If anyone saw my post last month about this event, you’ll know I’ve been counting down to the launch of The Costume Ball! And finally, it’s here! With that being said, I was all smiles when I snuck into the event to scope out some of the stuff that was put out. Let me tell you, I was failing internally at how gorgeous some of the stuff is! I picked up just about everything I could, and rushed to get a post out for you! So here, is your sneak peek.

I hope you like it! And don’t forget, here is the LM to the event which opens up October 24th at 12 pm (noon) SLT! Be there or be…square. Yes, I went there. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled because I will be posting even more sneak peeks over the next few days! Squeeeee! xD

– M

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[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Tyler Hilton – “Missing You”]

[MOOD: Calm]

So, it’s finally here. The start of school, the cooler days, earlier sunsets and yes, the Summer Harvest Hunt! I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the start, am I right? Oh c’mon, we all know you’ve been counting down the days and even more than that, you’ve been swooning over the stuff from the Hunt, just like I have! My inventory is a MESS now – and I mean, a mess – from all the stuff from the hunt. It’s all so great, it’s really hard to pick just… one thing to blog. I’ve already done a post for some of the Hunt finds a few days ago, and I’m sure you’ve seen all the posts from the rest of the incredible bloggers about the Hunt, as well! Only thing is, I’ve been browsing, and I haven’t seen anyone blog this cave, or this sweater, which I love – so I decided to do it for you!

I will say, as much as I loved this little cave (which comes in a bright and a dark version), it scared the hell out of me. Here I was, getting pretty, rocking out to music in world, when all of a sudden I heard a ghostly howl. It knocked the wind out of me. I ended up muting my sounds and going straight to Spotify for the remainder of the photo taking process. I’m fairly certain that howl was from within that cave – and I was too scared to investigate. Someone else do it for me and let me know if it was or was not the cave, because if it’s not – suddenly my home is haunted and I need to fix that straight away! :O!

Anyway, enjoy the look!

– M

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[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Britney Spears – “Autumn Goodbye!”]

[MOOD: Drained, but happy.]

Hello, hello! It’s M from OSTT here, and it’s my first official post as part of The Ego Co. Are you excited? I’m excited! With joining this fantastic group of bloggers came the epicness that is the the Summer Harvest Hunt! C and I giggled when we decided to this event because if you know about the two of us – you know two things: we love Disney movies, and we love pumpkins. And what brings pumpkins? Autumn! Sooo, you can obviously why we are excited about this! After browsing some of the previews from a few of the participating places, it didn’t take long to realize this Hunt was filled with amazing designers and shops. I had so many awesome things to choose from that I swear R yelled at me at least twice for changing, then changing again, and again. “Pick an outfit and stick to it, woman!” He said. Or, something along those lines. xD

Anyway, hopefully you like the look, and the accessories, and of course, my first post with The Ego Co. It’s an honor to be here and I look forward to the incredible things to come!

– M

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