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Culture Clash at Around The World

Around The World, an event inspired by all the cultures and fashions on our fair planet, is in full swing and packed full of unusual treats. Each region has its own section but, in the spirit of the melting pot that Second Life has become, I have mixed and matched my nationalities to my heart’s content.

Around The World

Above is the Antique Pakistani Furniture available from Senzafine and, to match its abundance of rich colours, the Tango Dress from Has Been. Posing items being, of course, in abundance at Around The World, I’m using one of the Strength mini-set poses from !bang.

Around The World

A little more mellow but no less inviting, the Zen Garden Skybox from Ziau features your very own Zen sandbox and original poetry for your contemplative moments. I’m wearing the Seattle dress from Geometry with the Aussie Ugg Boots by Intrepid and playing about with the African Child and Malkia posing sets from Motionless, which come with a handy HUD version that I’m sure will be every photographer’s delight.

Around The World

For those of us with bulging virtual closets and a hunger for more, you’ll have no trouble keeping your eyes on the prize at Around The World. Above you can see the Fur Poncho on offer from Orquidea, the Say It! New York cropped sweater from Apple May and the My Faithful shirt from Intrepid, all worn with Intrepid’s Patriot Jeans.

These are but a small fraction of the goodies on offer. Around The World has quite the variety, covet-worthy quality and a celebration of the diversity around our world – which, it turns out, can actually be enjoyed all at once. The doors are open until November 29 – grab your shopping cart and go have fun!

A Darker Shade of Elegance

If you’ve a penchant for the more macabre shades of glamour, you might want to pay a visit to The Costume Ball, open from now until the day after Halloween. Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to celebrate the Halloween season or, like me, you can’t resist a sweep of red lipstick against a dress as black as sin, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Costume Ball

Of course, it’s always nice to have somewhere to lollygag in a ladylike manner once you’re all dressed up, and the Harvest Night Gazebo by Cheeky Pea, shown above, is just one of the alternatives on offer. The dress, called Black Widow, is by Happy Undead and is also available as a corset; its without a doubt my new go-to formal attire, Halloween or otherwise.

Costume Ball

No outfit is complete without a brand new skin and, once again, the Costume Ball is happy to oblige. Though I find rich scarlet lipstick like those on Pink Fuel’s Femme Fatale skins (left) irresistible, the Fuyu skins from Izzie’s (centre) are a soft temptation all of their own. Alternatively, the Dia de los Muertos tattoo masks, which come in two varieties with added hair flower, may be your Halloween cup of tea. Happily, the Monster mesh eyes by Ziau work with whichever choice you make.

Costume Ball

If you like to dress up your home up as much as yourself, Senzafine’s “Nevermore” parlour set creates a suitably dark and decadent ambience. I don’t recommend wearing the Gothic Dress from Rotten Defiance while moving the furniture, mind you – best saved for the evening’s events. Although, when paired with Evolve’s “The Puppeteer” pose set, it does give a whole new meaning to the idea of hanging around in your best frock.

Summer Madness

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Summer Harvest Hunt begins as September does – I took a sneak preview and, frankly, the amount of swag to snag wore me out. So I had a little relax on my way home in the wheelbarrow that, handily, Absent Designs had provided to help me carry it all home, and admired my new sunflower patch, courtesy of Sparrowtree Studios, and barley stock from Organica.

Summer Harvest Hunt

A sit turned into a nap, in the soft flicker from the candle on my crate stack from Baffle. Incidentally, I did all of this while wearing linen pants by Sakide, with the similarly made-of-mesh stripped bikini top (which did get a bit nippy when the sun went down).

Summer Harvest Hunt 4

So I went inside to change, thus preserving my skin from the goosebumps, into the Flutter Sleeve top from Perception and pants from the Katherine outfit by Amour, with shoes by Duh! and accessories on offer from Sweet Leonard. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that I’d left the window open, and the first leaves of spring had decided to come for dinner (by way of the mad yet amazing posing stand that’s Bent‘s hunt item). Can’t blame them, Kaerri‘s dining table does look like a cozy place for a pumpkin-based feast.

Summer Harvest Hunt 2

At which point, carried away by the utter madness of both my day and my dining room, I decided to dance on the table (cunningly utilising one of the poses you can find on Fly Lily‘s stop of the hunt tour) because, well, reasons.

Summer Harvest Hunt 3

Other Credits
Hair – Elikatira – Found
Skin – League – Jen

Naughty or Nice?

Whether you prefer your dancers to be sweet as sugar or a little bit risque, you’ll find something appropriate at this rotation of Fluid, an event showcasing the finest posemakers in the SL business.

Clutter is offering The Dancer’s Dressing Room, a beautiful screen, chair and rug in pastel shades, perfect for bringing out your inner ballerina and something that will brighten your bedroom whether you’re twinkle-toed or left of feet.

Clutter at Fluid

Both the chair and the screen come with in-built poses, and there are plenty to choose from in both. The chair even offers you a stiff drink or a smoke while you relax, if you’re in the mood. Gotta love furniture that tends to your every need.

Clutter at Fluid

Some poses are static, others capture the grace of a dancer’s movement. Photographers will be spoiled for choice with this set.

Clutter at Fluid

On the other hand, if you find burlesque a tempting prospect, this posing stool from Bounce This might float your boat. With six very different poses included, some more daring than others, you can entice the camera or your lover equally successfully. Is there a woman alive not tempted by the feathers, flirting and fun of the burlesque? I know I am…

Bounce This at Fluid


For Clutter
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Princess
Skin: League – Jen
Outfit: SMS – Babydoll
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Felicia Flats

For Bounce This
Outfit: EDS – Madame
Headpiece: Fetish Cabaret – Feather Headpiece
Boots: G Field – Will


Meshing Around

There are just two days left until the Mesh Around hunt begins, when over 60 different designers will be offering goodies to those intrepid enough to find them. The hunt will run from June 1 to June 15 and every prize will be centred on mesh of some kind – be it clothing, furniture, accessories or other mesh-based goodies.

MeshAround Hunt

Above, I’m wearing half of the hunt prize from Sakide – there are actually two outfits included, one for daytime and the other for night, both very easy on the eye. I’ve accessorised with Maxi Gossamer’s Zaadori earrings, which come in both silver and gold. Behind me (and partly in my hand!) is the Escritoire by Baffle, an incredibly detailed and beautifully textured piece of furniture.

MeshAround Hunt

Furniture collectors will also want to keep an eye out for this Curve Patio Set by Trompe Loeil, in Summer Dots. Included is a chair, sofa and coffee table and frankly I’d be as happy to enjoy this set in my living room as in the back yard. In this picture, I’m also wearing Bitch Tail’s whimsical yet daring Speak Now dress (you’ll be wanting undies with this one!), accessorised with the Geode Ring by HANDverk.

These, of course, are just a few of the prizes you can pick up when the hunt begins. You can find more info about Mesh Around, and the stores participating, here – this one’s a must-visit for anyone who, like me, cannot stuff enough mesh into their inventories.

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