The Costume Ball

Pulling at heartstrings is the obsidian stained mark on the calendar; approaching fast is Halloween. For some, it is just another festive evening with children in masquerade and sweets to be passed out. Though, for others it is a grim splatter of black paint across the polished mahogany of their imaginations. Morose are the hours that tick by, something more than a story. Gasping breaths more than a tale lived only in a moment remembered for the bitter end. In Second Life, we love this time of year.

Shoppers flock to holiday themed events, spending hard earned Linden Dollars on decorations, attire, skins, accessories; whatever their desire captures around the festivities that they yearn to escape from in their real lives. For designers, it is best to capitalize on the opportunity, give the crowd what they ask for, deliver content as tasteful as the season. A dance floor lurching in a week long waltz known so grimly as The Costume Ball. An event tailored around the tasteful theme of dark with class, a ghoulish yet raised pinky finger as you sip Riesling from crystal stemware. Victorian rooftops and lace decked gowns; crows fleeing the footsteps of spectral hosts wishing to make the event so alluring that the guests never get a chance to leave.

From the 24th of October to the 1st of November, designers entered will be able to use free vendor space for The Costume Ball. They must make an item exclusive for the event, fitting the theme of “dark, but with class.” That means no gore, or repulsively overdone content that is tailored more outside of the bounds of culture.

The hosting sim will be “Fable”.

The standards for the event will be on the higher side, entry means you will be in the company of designers that perpetuate a tasteful shopping experience.

Contact for event management goes to BellaStarr Fhang and Zoey Gabardini.

Opens October 24, 2012 at 12pm (noon) SLT – November 1, 2012 at 12am (midnight) SLT.

Confirmed Designers:

Check back here for location information! 

33 thoughts on “The Costume Ball

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