The Ego Co.

The Ego Co. is a Event Management Group that will be coordinating various events within the Second Life community.  In recent years, various events all over the grid have proven to be beneficial to designers and organizations, both in-world and real world.  We will be bringing fresh, new events to the grid very soon!

Thank you for your interest and please continue to check this blog for more information! We welcome any suggestions or comments you have!

The Ego Co. Team


8 thoughts on “The Ego Co.

  1. Aldero Akami says:

    I love this!

  2. Douleur says:

    I’m excited about this!

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  4. […] The Ego Company will be hosting the first “Mesh Around” Hunt; starting June 1 through June 15, 2012. The hunt is a grid wide and mesh specific with over sixty stores participating ranging from clothing, jewelry & home and gardens. The hunt item will be in a object like this: […]

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