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Events Like Crazy!

Hey Y’all!

So this isn’t going to be your typical blog post from yours truly. This is strictly for your information kind of thing. You all know I love clothes, I have a slight shopping addiction and you recently found out I’m stupid in love with Gacha’s. Something you don’t know yet is my high school giddiness over Events!

I’m fortunate enough to blog for The Ego Co. and they have two events coming up that you ABSOLUTELY must pencil (forget that, pen it) in your calendar. They both look incredibly amazing and you have have have have to go. I said so!

The first one I want to discuss with you is The Costume Ball. I’m so excited about Halloween and I adore dressing up both in real life and in SL that I cannot wait for this event to start. Of course I’ll be bringing you my favorite looks from the event as soon as I’m able and every scrap of information I come across. The event will begin on October 24th through November 1st. Less than a month away!! OMG!

The second event that I’m gonna mention is the Around the World event. This will be an awesome event which brings style from all cultures and walks of life. I’m especially excited for this because I’m so down for anything that brings me something I haven’t seen or explored before. Always a great thing to learn more in fashion!

As they get closer I will absolutely keep you guys in the know!

Love Always – Cadence


[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Trey Songs – “Heart Attack”]

[MOOD: Festive]

I’ll tell you what. I for one am a huge lover of the end of summer. I like the school shopping (I’m not in school but I get new clothes too right? I thought so) I like the awakening of pumpkin everything. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donuts (HAD ONE THE OTHER DAY OMG SWOON) pumpkin coffee. Needless to say I’m a big fan of pumpkin anything.

The Summer Harvest Hunt is giving me just what I need at the exact time. The beautiful colors I gravitate to naturally as well as the fall leaves and the whole vibe. Autumn is such a chill time of year and it makes me want to get ready for everything coming up – the best times of year are yet to come.

If you haven’t gotten everything from the hunt yet you need to go…right now…and finish hunting. Everything in this hunt is so well worth the find, and the hunt itself is half the fun!

Go. Cause I said so. Then get a pumpkin donut – you can thank me later.

– C

DRESS: [M] Summer Harvest Hunt

SHOES: (Elate!) Kate Flats (Emerald)

HAIR: [e] Me – Brown 10

HANDBAG: *Anymore The Summer Harvest Hunt

NECKLACE: Summer Harvest hunt Gift From Jamman jewels

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