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Open House

As most of you probably know Around the World opened yesterday, I had a look around and it’s an awesome build with some awesome stores with awesome items. Well worth going to check it out!

Around The World

In celebration of the opening I felt it was only fitting to show you folks around my own house, well my current one. I  tend to change often.

The skybox itself is from 22769, although I had to replace the sand to fit it on my parcel and the furnishings are from End of Daze, Prime, Senzafine, Organica, Prism Furniture and Focus Poses, in no particular order All items are available at Around the World.

I just kinda played around with mixing and matching different regions and styles. Personally I’m happy with how it came out. But anyways don’t miss the chance to scoop these up for yourselves!

Counting The Days

Shape: Custom
Skin: Fake – Lona Native (Around The World!)
Eyes: Plastik – Vaele
Hair: Alice Project – Ruby
Dress: Has Been – Tango Dress 2 (Around The World!)
Stockings: Erratic – Ripped Stockings
Shoes: Has Been – Tango Shoes 2 (Around the World!)

Shape: Custom
Skin: Fake – Lona Native (Around the World!)
Eyes: Plastik – Vaele
Ears: Aitui – Stretched Ear – Human Spiral
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Shiki
Dress: 22769 – Makeda Dress Purple (Around the World!)
Pants: Zaara – Kavya Summer Pants
Gloves: Plastik – Lipstick Muse
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Yaxkin Cocoa
Piercings: Ellabella – Sweep, #Ziau# – Chasity
Necklace: Kosh – Ankh Neclace
Nails: Virtual Insanity – Oh My Goth!

Prime – Mamani set (Around the World!)
End of Daze Designs – Various, (all available at Around the World!)

The House/Skybox:
22769 – Moroccean Skyhome (Around the World!) ( I had to change the sand to fit it on my parcel 😦 )

This is shaping up to be an amazing event guys, you don’t wanna miss this.


Not much to say today. Maybe another time.

Shape: Custom
Skin: Beauty Code – Skin Angel (Womenstuff Hunt gift)
Eyes: Exodi – Looking into My – Reflection
Hair: Ploom – Valyra
Jacket: V. e. – Cadet Jacket
Shirt: Plastik – Trickster
Pants: Aux – Belted Flairs (Collabor88)
Thong: Razorblade Jacket: Thong – Skull Flip Off
Shoes: Deco – Petunia Boots
Armwarmers: Razorblade Jacket – Arm Warmers (Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Piercings: #Ziau# – Amaterasu Piercing Set (Around the World Event, Opening November 15th!)
Standing Poses from !Bang (Around the World Event, Opening November 15th!)


Short post for today, not much in the mood for writing but these new releases from #Ziau# and .evolve. were too cute not to photograph. I’m In love with these braces, and these wellies. Also I wanted you folks to know that on very rare occasions I do wear color.

Shape: Custom
Skin: Glam Affair – Ginny D (Womenstuff hunt gift)
Hair: Ploom – Kelsey
Ears: Trap Ni.Ju – Gelf Ears
Eyes: Plastik – Oni Collection
Teeth: #Ziau# Mesh Braces
Tail: Lemon Tea – Demon Tail
Shirt: .evolve. Winona Long Tank
Jeans: .evolve. Oblivion
Boots: .evolve. Wellies
Armlets – Loulou&Co – Summer
Neclacke – Ellabella – Aqueous

My Lovely assistant is from Art Dummy


When talking about the past, I sometimes feel like I’m picking up shattered fragments of pottery, trying to feel out the shape of something long since destroyed and forgotten.

Sometimes the fragments match, make a whole, sometimes they don’t.

There are gaps, there are too many pieces. Some never happened, or just didn’t happen that way.

I just wander through my mind at those times, let others fill in the blanks of the conversations, smile and agree to things I have no inkling of. Not even the tiniest shard of memory remaining.

Names that mean nothing to me, voices I no longer remember. They’re everywhere. Facts I was told that I’ve since forgotten.

If my mind is a library I am a poor librarian. The books are not allowed to gather dust on these shelves, instead they are consigned to a fire. Perhaps this is why I am so good at secrets. I forget them so soon after I’m told. Of course there are exceptions, though large chunks of my past are simply gone. I grope for the pieces and find only a few chips of color meaningless without the context that I can no longer provide.

Shape: Custom
Skin: Mother Goose – Nadine (Dollarbie)
Eyes: Plastik – Bloodless
Hair: Truth – Danielle
Corset: Plastik – Daunting Fate Corsets(Halloween 2012 gift)
Jacket: Valentina E. Couture – Cadet Jacket(FaMESHed)
Pants: Sn@tch – Heavy Metal Jeans (Resting Place Gift)
Shoes: Tonktastic – Resistance Boots
Necklaces: Virtual Insanity – Heavy Cross Choker, Virtual Insanity – Run With Scissors Necklace, #Ziau# Drop Dead
Bracelets: Me. Jewelery – Pearl Time Bracelet
Piercings: Sn@tch – Eternal Life Piercing(Resting Place Gift)

Costume Ball Aftermath

Long Dresses swirling, sweeping the floor, half seen figures conversing in the shadows, Music playing lending everything a muffled tone, the lights dimmed, candles flicker casting more darkness then they illuminate.

Masks concealing features, secret identites, secret liasons, anything is possible, anything could be anyone, the masquerade, the Costume Ball.

Dignity, refinement, unhampered by garish youth, a secret smile hidden behind a stoic facade, anger hidden behind mirth, One night of otherworldliness, one night of pure escape.

The Clock strikes, twelve chimes to end it all, to bring reality crashing back down upon their heads, scattering them to the winds, unmasking the, their faults and flaws hidden once more. The magic gone. They’re left to bear the consequence.

(I Just want to say that the Costume Ball event is utterly stunning and there are some amazing items on offer, well worth checking out before it’s too late!)

Shape: Custom
Skin: Pink Fuel – Femme Fatale   Costume Ball
Eyes: #Ziau# – Monster Eyes  Costume Ball
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Christy  Costume Ball
Bruises: LW – Bruises Package v2, Coca and Wolf – Tattoo Gift Bruises
Top: Sn@tch Steal This Top
Shorts: Insanya – Open Shorts
Stockings: Strumpet – Lover’s Quarrel
Shoes: Duck Nipple – Shoebido
Tatttoo: Utopiah – Revenge (Swag Fest)
Piercings: #ziau# – Chasity

Shape: Custom
Skin: Pink Fuel – Femme Fatale  Costume Ball
Eyes: #Ziau# – Monster Eyes  Costume Ball
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Christy  Costume Ball
Tops: Cracked Mirror – Vendetta Tee
Skirt: Duck Nipple – Micro Skirt
Socks: Erratic – Thin Fishnets
Shoes: Duck Nipple – Shoebido
Piercings: #ziau# – Chasity

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