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Skinning Around the World…

It’s not as sinister as it sounds! I posted over on my main blog (What *IS* Willis Talkin’ About) but I wanted to hop on over here and show in a bit more depth a few of the skins available at Around the World!

This is the Xihe skin from Essences, available in just one tone but with 3 eyebrow options and freckles, these skins are so pretty!   There are also lipsticks available, so you change your look up.  You can buy the lipsticks individually or as a fatpack so the choice is yours! I do believe there is a shape available too.  Beautiful.

Essences @ Around The World

The Nuiko from Amacci comes in a darker tone than the above skin, but just as warm and beautiful.  Each skin comes with a Clean, and 10 lipstick tattoos for you, the Clean skin you get with each makeup is the larger picture in the middle, the faces on the outskirts are the individual makeups you can get! Each skin comes with a toothy option, I’ve thrown a few in for good measure.  There is a shape available for this skin also, but I always like to try skins on my own, you also get a handful of eyebrow shapers too!  A good selection of makeups and like I said you get 10 lipstick layers and a clean to play around with in every pack too!

Amacci @ Around the WorldVisit AROUND THE WORLD to demo and buy yours today!


Around the World, as mentioned in my previous post, starts TOMORROW PEOPLE *flail*… Here is a whole post dedicated to Magoa with a hint of Sways and a bit of Barnesworth, a whiff of Wasabi Pills and a lot of Al Vulo!

The items are being sold under the brand Ciao Bella! in the Western Europe section of Around the World, it’s not sold anywhere else atm although it was previously released (shortly) by Keira for the Magoa brand, these inspiring outfits were resurrected exclusively for the duration of ATW under Ciao Bella (BellaStaff Fhang ladies and gents, awesome lady TICAW). ANYWAY, that was just incase you were confused, I’ve probably confused you more, however.

First we start off with a set that includes the gorgeous Yuka Relaxation Set from Sways, the set comes with all the pieces shown but also in darker versions and with smaller planters, it’s an absolutely STUNNING set of items that would look great anywhere, mine looks particularly great in my Barnesworth Marrakesh Oasis that is currently on sale at Collabor88.

The outfit in this picture is the Circus of Intrigue, a sprightly little number with a ferris wheel headpiece, I really don’t need to say more, do I???  As an aside the skin worn in all pics is the Eleanor skin from Al Vulo, and the hair is the new and wonderful Kylee mesh hair from Wasabi Pills that is a gorgeous flowing style with a braid over the top for a cute, but sexy and sassy feel!

Around The World | Sways | Magoa

Next we have the Dahlia Outfit, complete with little top hat, this is the perfect dark picture of beauty and that something a lil different.  Please remember that these items are NOT mesh, and do come with sculpt pieces etc, I know some people are not keen on that soooo just remember that if you’re click happy!

Around The World | Magoa & Sways

The Hug Yourself outfit might be one of my favs, complete with pretty (yes pretty) straight jacket, this number made me smile when I put it on, which probably wasn’t meant to happen but it made me happy that someone wasn’t afraid to think outside the box and do a gorgeous outfit complete with cuffs and the like that doesn’t make light of mental illness, more points out the constraints it can sometimes have on you, just because you aren’t IN a straight jacket, doesn’t mean you don’t feel confined by whatever your illness might be.

Around The World | Magoa | Hug Yourself

Plurk Paranoia particularly touched me, a dress with a thousand and fourty four (or something) eyeballs and ALL on you.  Sometimes Plurk (and other places) can feel like you are judged, mocked, bullied (I don’t bandy around that word for fun), and sometimes just plain stared at by everyone, I don’t often think about it myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have nothing to hide, I try to see the best in everyone, although some peoples best is… could do better and I do not believe in mocking or hurting others if I can help it, ESPECIALLY not on a public forum like that, but this dress captures how many of us may feel daily… all eyes on YOU.

Around The World | Magoa | Plurk Paranoia

The Rorscharch (think that’s right!) dress is a plain number with blots and cards for the skirt, in a “what can YOU see” kinda way.  I always look at those ink blots and I don’t wonder about what I see, I wonder about what everyone else can see, either way I see a few things in this dress and it’s another refreshing addition to my wardrobe!

Around The World | Magoa | Rorscharch

Finally the Writers Republic, a dress made from swirling words, sentences and wisdom.  Perhaps not a dress you’d wear on the catwalk, or even in front of the TV, but I think every one of these rereleases can give you something to think about, whether it good, bad, indifferent… it can inspire you to try harder, make you feel better that you aren’t alone, or simply just be an addition to your wardrobe.   Second Life is what you make of it, right?  Well so is your wardrobe!    Around the World is inspiring, wonderful and open tomorrow, don’t forget.

Around The World | Magoa | The Writers Republic


Around the World – Soon!

So, Around the World starts soon.. SOON!!  I have a preview of the PXL skin that will be available there, i’m sure you’ll see it a lot on the blog as it’s gorgeous,  so i’ll make my teaser short and sweet.

The gorgeous new skin from PXL will be released at Around the World in a small, preview package.   It will come in two tones, this and another, darker tone.  You will be able to choose from four makeups (shown below) and an array of tattoo extras!

LoTD | 12/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

A beautiful skin, much like the previous Kate release, not a drastic update or change, this is sure to be a hit on any side of the globe.  Can you wait for it?  I know I can’t!

PXL @ Around The World

All other items shown are from Collabor88 and you can read about them on my regular blog


The Devils Puppet.

I’ve always imagined I’m a little devilish on the inside, now I can be it on the outside too, except some people find Devils uncontrollable, and they keep them hidden away, using them as little puppets.

This new pose from from Evolve for The Costume Ball is, for want of a better word, amazeballs.   It’s mesh, it’s beautiful, it works wonderful with shadows.  It’s a must own for anyone that loves to take photographs.

Evolve | Cracked Mirror @ Costume Ball

The prop comes with 5 poses, all with wearable rope props for that extra realism.  You can use it for closeups, long range shots, hell you can use it for whatever the hell you want, really!!!  The outfit I am wearing is also available for The Costume Ball from the delectable and saucy Cracked Mirror.   This is a lil Devilish number literally!  The set comes with gorgeous sparkly red dress complete with devils tail and devils fork (you can see it lying on the floor in a few pics,  THEY WOULDN’T LET ME HOLD IT), and cute lil horns.  Another sexy outfit to collect for the Halloween folder, I am loving it.

The skin is the Pink Fuel skin available at the event, and comes with devil red lips… I sense a theme here.  Hair is from Alice Project and is the newest offering for Zodiac (offering like a sacrifice, srsly).

Now if someone could just loosen these ropes a bit…

Evolve | Cracked Mirror @ Costume Ball

Costume Ball opens TODAY, people. Are YOU ready?

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Today’s LoTD is inspired by The Costume Ball, Ego Co’s newest event, opening tomorrow to the masses!

I wanted to use a prop for this post, but SL wasn’t playing ball… I will blog it though and it will be fabulous! MUAHAHAHA! For now, you just get me, half naked.  Sorry to disappoint!

First off, the hair… that isn’t from Costume Ball but it IS new, from Amacci!  This is the Ebba Hair, and it’s luscious and large and I thought it fit into my look perfectly, more coming from me soon about Amacci but for now this hair is firmly planted on my head and I love it!

The corset and collar combo are from Happy Undead for the upcoming event and come in a really great range of sizes, you get all the standard sizes, then each size has additional sizes, so that you get that perfect fit!   The Black Widow Set is a must for anyone that likes the dark and dangerous, and there is a matching dress too, if you would rather be a bit more covered up!

The Shoes are from Donna Flora and are one of her new releases, I decided to add a pop of colour and wore the Deep Red ones, the Ermes Shoes are mesh and there is also a matching (ish) bootie available too, more about them later.

Costume Ball - LOTD ft Donna Flora!

The luscious skin you see me in is Izzie’s Costume Ball item, it’s a special edition FUYU with four makeups, well eight really.. NINE ACTUALLY.  You get the base skin (middle) then you get four glosses and four lipsticks in Black, Red, Deep Red and Plum!   I do love me some Izzie skins and this is no exception, absolutely stunning

Izzies @ Costume Ball

Looking forward to seeing you there…

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A lil of this.. a lil of that…

The fabulous thing about costumes is that you can be who you want to be, you can change on a whim, you can be a princess one day, a vampire the next.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these goodies for the Costume Ball.  I have decided to take on my dark side a little, and show you some dark offerings soon to be available for us mere mortals…

This gorgeous lacy dress, complete with mesh gloves is from Haste, it oozes sex appeal but the mask that you get with it gives it that little dark twist… who is hiding beneath the mask?  She looks innocent enough, but is she? Under her perfectly tousled bun there is a wriggle and a hiss until BAM. SNAKE HAIR.. yeah ok I fail at stories as you can tell, I was never any good at RP 😀  THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS… looks can be deceiving.   My sexy, sleek, lacy little number might have everyone fooled, but the snakes on my head and monster teeth in my mouth tell a different story.

Costume Ball - Mini Teaser - Coming Soon

The snakes writhing around a top my head come in various colours, all shown here, and each colour has four different eye colours for you to choose from, so a good selection for you snake enthusiasts out there. A colour for every dark and demented or angelic and fluffy Costume you might want to don.   The skins are both available at The Costume Ball and are from Pink Fuel, we are graced with both an Alyx and a Kumi, in various tones and two makeups… one a luscious red lipped lady, the other a darker, woody and nutty flavour.  Just like me 😀

Attire: Haste @ The Costume Ball

Skin: Pink Fuel @ The Costume Ball

Eyes: Ziau @ The Costume Ball

Teeth: Ziau @ The Costume Ball

Snakes on a pl… um head: HANDverk @ The Costume Ball

Coming soon… to a venue near YOU!

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Harvest Hunt Sexyness


So, The Ego Co Harvest Hunt starts September 1st and there are some wonderful items available! Who doesn’t love a hunt? and I LOVE Autumn, and Harvest to me equals Autumn so c’mon orange leaves, GET YOUR ORANGE ON!!!

Harvest Hunt - Haste

Hair | Truth ** Skin | Belleza ** Pose | Adorkable

This particular piece of sexyness is from Haste!   The set comes in a bright, vibrant yellow for the hunt, and is already available in other colours!   It comes with the corset in various sizes, and also mesh panties!   You can’t see but it has a cute little pattern on it, throwing just that hint of adorable in with the sexy, best of both worlds!

So, make sure you are ready for the hunt on the 1st, and get ready to unpack some fabulous goodies! YEAAAUHH!

Feeling… Burl..esque…y?


New Fluid kicked off, and as you can see from my fellow bloggers there are TONS of goodies! I wanted to show you the Burlesque goodies from Rack Poses (girl can’t really blog her own.. right? Riiiiight!) so this will be my first post about it, more to come 😀

Rack has 2 sets out and they are little *less* risque than Rack Poses normally are :P… first there is a swing, complete with 3 poses… would look good in any spare room, dungeon, shed or bathroom i’m sure.  Yeah ppl have swings in bathrooms! You never seen one? You haven’t lived!

Rack @ Fluid 2

Then there is a set of 6 poseballs that come complete with Burlesque feather fans.   I have only opted to show three here, so you have to go and find the rest! (or you know, scroll the blog, i’m sure).

Rack @ Fluid 1

There is a nice mix of standing and kneeling poses, and all are very diferent!  Sultry, sexy, cute.. can things be all three? Sure can, just look at me!

Rack @ Fluid 3

Skin: Izzie’s | Eliza | Porcelain
Hair: Alice Project | Sydnee *FaMESHed Item*
Outfit: Leaque | Burlesque | Rose

Moar Mesh!


Just a quick one to drool over the GoS Desire Booties! Some absolutely gorgeous baby pink killer heels… that’s what most girls need right? I won’t say every… just most. Well, with Gos’ help, your dreams can come TRUE! Well at least your dreams about baby pink killer heeled boots!  I had to pop on a few other pink bits in an attempt to feel a bit girly, all meshy goodness too!

Mesh Around - Gos

These will be available for the duration of Mesh Around, which starts TOMORROW PEEPS!!! I hope you’re all excited, there are some wicked.. in more ways than one.. items for you out there ❤

Hair: !lamb | Pearl (Mesh) | Milkshake
Skin: Pink Fuel | Skye | | Pink Pearl
Lipstick: Pink Fuel | Elly | | Sheer Balm | Soft Pink
Eyes: Exodi | Twilight Eyes | Edward
Boots: [Gos] | Desire Bootie | Baby Pink (MESH AROUND ITEM)
Dress: *Epic VIP* | Mesh Gamer Girl Dress | Pink (Group Gift)
Pose: *Frooti

Meshy Marvels!

Hello everyone!

This is my first Ego Co Post and I am so honoured to be here amongst such great fellow bloggers!   I see my colleagues have already blogged so many of the wonderful, wonderful items you will be looking forward to seeking out so just a few little bits today from me, from the Mesh Around Hunt!

There are so many people trying their hand at mesh that I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the insane amount of things I feel I must own.  After being in SL 8yrs this month, you can imagine that my inventory, whilst not the largest, is most definitely not the smallest… and I am a bit of a pack rat… and a bit of a fatpack ho.. OH DEARY ME :/

Either way I am loving what I am seeing.  This dress from Bilo is just gorgeous. It fits like a glove (in S no more, no less!) and its just perfect.  It’s floaty, it’s fun.. it’s bright, it’s cheerful.  I love it.   I even loved it paired with the dDx hair Clint and fell in love.   I ADORE this hair.  I don’t often wear styles like this, because I fear they aren’t “me”, but in a world where you can be what you want.. why not?! So yes, I’m in a gorgeous floaty dress, and dreadlocks.  Sue me.

Ego Co - Mesh Around

The next item I came across and squee’d a lil was the Ingenue Lottie Bustier.  LOOK AT IT. OH MAH GODS.  It’s just… gorgeous.  It’s little, well duh.. it’s a bustier, and would look so lovely paired with jeans, or even a floaty skirt.   The meshmanship (like my word? thanks!) is one of the best i’ve seen, but that is no surprise from Ingenue!!!   This will be a top that makes it out quite often, I can tell you now.

The Blazer on the right is the Carolina Blazer from E! (Eclectic Apparel).  This baby means business, well she did until I chose to topless with her… and pantless.. I’ll be honest here, I didn’t even notice that until I just started typing all this. I AM SO SORRY BOSSES, I WON’T GO PANTLESS AGAIN!   It’s beautifully made and comes in this one colour especially for the hunt, pop on that baby WITH some pants, and power suit your through the crowds to buy the rest of the mesh stuff out there!

Ego Co - Mesh Around 2

I hope my first post is well received, I’m a bit of a dork, but a lovable one ❤

Mesh Around Hunt Items:

Pic 1: Bilo – Salma | dDx – Clint

Pic 2: Ingenue – Lottie Bustier | E! – Carolina Blazer

Other Credits:

Skin – Curio | Eyes – A:S:S  | Hair – Wasabi Pills – Anais | Poses – Frooti

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