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The Costume Ball has started! TP to the Ball. In this post I have one item from The Costume Ball to show you and also one from FAIR

This skin is called Alyx and it is the next line of skins from Pink Fuel. This is one of the Femme Fatale skins from The Costume Ball. There are two available, the second is Kumi in a dark tone.

The dress/ jacket is from Essences at FAIR. There are 5 different colours to choose from. I really like this dress/jacket, the only thing that bugs me is the invisible inside, it doesn’t work that well in photos. If I wasn’t using it as a main feature of the post, I would have edited it to hide the invisible sleeve. 

The hair is a group gift from Exile. I don’t know if it’s still in the past notices, some designers remove the gifts after they’ve been sent out. You’ll have to check 🙂



Hair | Betty Lou:Bleach | Exile | Kavar Cleanslate | Group Gift
Skin | Alyx <Vanilla> – Siren (aubbrow) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena |  The Costume Ball
Shape | my own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo 
Dress | Melissa Jacket Red | Essences | Inka Mexicola | Mesh | FAIR.
Tights | Cozy Tights – Black | Riddle | Chrystina Noel 
Shoes | Verve Red | Maitreya | Onyx LeShelle | Very old shoes – no alpha included only invisiprims that are no mod)
Bag | Totebag : Black Suede | [Tia] | Tia Biscuit 
Hands | Mesh Hand Mouse | SLink | Siddean Munro | Mesh 
Poses | [LAP] | Dove Swanson (Closed)

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Here’s some stuff from the Resting Place Halloween event at sn@tch, the new round of FAIR and The Costume Ball (starts on 24th October). 

Promo info about Resting Place.  I haven’t been yet, it doesn’t end until the 18th November, so you guys have ages to go!

‘Coming this Halloween from the creators of Cutting Class, Nightmare Eden DIVE & The Flesh Game, one of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in Second Life.

Are bad dreams keeping you up all night? Do monsters plague your slumber? Here at the Koszmar Institute, we use the latest technology and proven techniques to bring you peaceful rest at last. Though once you go under, you may not wake up ever again…

A completely interactive and “rewarding” Second Life Gaming Experience with multiple levels across several sims, challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from dozens of fantastic designers. See the Horror Event of the Season, this year and every year. Don’t be the only one of your friends to miss out on what some have called …”The Scariest Haunted House in Second Life!”‘

I’ll give you more into about The Costume Ball closer till it starts. 


Hair | Reema [M] – Infinity | Alice Project | Alice Demonia | Mesh |  FAIR
Skin | Joy pink hairbase/Tan | Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley | FAIR
Shape | my own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo 
Dress | Argyluarian Dress {Orange} | Somnia | Sanura Snowpaw | Mesh | Resting Place
Hands | Mesh Hand Mouse | SLink | Siddean Munro | Mesh 
Feet | Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) | SLink | Siddean Munro | Mesh
Poses | Ana [TheCostumeBall] | Label Motion | anne Dakun | The Costume Ball


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Raid Your Closet – Week 2

It’s the second week of Raid Your Closet! This week I’ve gone for a punky type look – black leather trousers & jacket, tons of necklaces, big worn down boots and a hat. These items all range from 2009 to 2012. Some items might not be available anymore.



Hair | Casket(Button) – Straight hair – Dark brown | Argrace | rika Oyen – 2009
Skin | Molly fair | Iren | Irischka Hotshot – 2012
Shape | my own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo
Eyeliner| Eyeliner 2 | Belleza | Shyla Diggs – 2012
Lips | Kumi <Lt Tone> – Matte Lips – Amethyst (Teeth) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena – 2012
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh – 2012
Tank | Plain lazy top (black) | TokiD | Maya Lavane – 2012
Jacket | Studded Biker Jacket (BLACK) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh – 2012
Trousers | Zipped Leather Pants -Black (2 Shades) | League | Nena Janus – 2011
Boots | bootslazyregblack | Death row designs | Jaimy Hancroft – 2011
Belt | Music Belt_Black | Atomic | Ivy Graves – 2009

Earrings & ring | Giselle Opal Set – BLACK | Maxi Gossamer | Maxi Gossamer | Mesh – 2012
Necklace 1 (with the heart) |  Necklace :: HYPERION :: | LOULOU&CO | lolly Carlberg – 2012
Necklace 2 (with white skulls) | Bones | Gauged | Llis Kirax – 2010
Necklace 3 (black beads) |  Rock’n’Rolla chian Gang Bang female | Naith Smit Designs | Naith Smit – 2009
Poses | marukin | Valencia Southard – 2011

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11th September

No doubt you’ve all read/ seen/ heard that Kumi has finally been released. Kumi is the new skin from Pink Fuel, the skin that we were first teased about over a year ago. It was definitely worth the wait! Thankfully, it looks beautiful on my avi (imo). When I buy full price skins, I tend to buy the most neutral, bare makeup one because it’s more versatile than one that already has makeup on. I mean no disrespect to the skin creators that work super hard to make beautiful makeup by doing this post. It’s purely to show alternatives to having to stick to one makeup option.
The thing with really popular skin releases, is that some shoppers are hesitant to buy the skins because lots of other people have it, which is fair enough (I’m guilty of this too). The great thing with Pink Fuel skins is that they do include a ton of different colour lipsticks, freckles and two eyebrow shapes.

I’ve created 5 different looks using the Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) skin and makeup layers. (Scroll to the bottom for more writing & credits)

I’ve started with just the Kumi skin, there’s no extra makeup layers on the skin yet (only eyelashes). The eyelids do have a light shine to them already, like there’s very soft brownish eyeshadow. For the barely there look, I’ve added some freckles and beauty marks to add more depth to the skin (or just because I think they’re cute). I’ve also added eyeliner to the lower eyelid to make the eyes a bit more noticeable. There’s also light blusher and pale red lipstick to give the lips a bit of colour.  

The Party look is much bolder, but still has some softness to it. Thick black and pink eyeliner and clumpy eyelashes really make the eyes stand out. The blusher that sweeps down the cheekbones gives the face more definition and also makes the face look thinner. After studying the makeup for a while and trying different lipsticks, I felt that this one worked the best with the eye makeup.

The Glam look is a little more sophisticated than the previous three. I removed the pink from the lips and eyes and replaced them with red lipstick and black eyeliner. The lipstick instantly draws your eyes down to the lips. I also added the freckles and rosy blusher to soften the skin up.

Of course I had to have a Vamp look! Deep red lipstick, red blusher to highlight the cheekbones and dark, smokey gray and black eyemakeup.

Credits – In all 

Hair  | Saturday – Brunette 4 | Fashionably Dead | Toast Bard | Mesh
Skin | Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena 
Shape | my own
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Character Eyes / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede | old event item
Vest | Brown Long Tank Top A | Gawk | Mell McMahon | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Jacket | my maggie jacket.truffle | Jane | Janie Marlowe
Skirt | Mini Skirt [SHH] | Happy Undead | Carra Fargis | Mesh | Summer Harvest Hunt gift

Tights | Cozy Tights – Brown #2 | Riddle | Chrystina Noel
Socks | Trix Sheer Socks Brown | Modd G | moddishh GossipGirl | Store Closed
Shoes | Lead / Woody | Kookie | Kookie Lemon | Mesh
Bag | DIY fashion lunch bag – black faux leather | flowey | Flutter Memel

Ring | ‘light as a feather’ ring | flowey | Flutter Memel
Headband | BCC. choucream Headband Vintage black | BCC | vitamingirl | Vintage Fair (ended)
Tattoo | feather.float | flowey | Flutter Memel
Poses | Frooti | Frooti Lemondrop



Only the skin

barely there

Skin | Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Eyeliner | (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Bottom) | cheLLe | Nina Iridescent
Lips | bitten lipstain- Pink Before You Leap | (Ag) | Amiee Galicia
Cheeks | Body Shoppe – Powder  – Blush (20%) | Grixdale | Tyr Rozenblum (closed)
Freckles | Freckles | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg | Included with skins
Beauty Marks & Freckles |  Beauty Marks & Freckles | {emma} | emmatrue
Eyelashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh


 Skin | Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Eyeliner (Pink & yellow) | Body Shoppe – Barbie | Grixdale | Tyr Rozenblum (Closed)
Eyeliner (Pink & Black) | Neon Eyeliner Fuchsia | Belleza | Shyla Diggs
Eyeliner (Black) | (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Bottom) | cheLLe | Nina Iridescent
Lips | HYDRA Lip balm (4) | Pekka | Ginevra Rodex
Cheeks | Contour Blush – Brown Mid | Dead Apples | Soleil Reid
Eyelashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Skin | Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Eyeliner | Neon Eyeliner BONUS black  | Belleza | Shyla Diggs
Lips | Allure – Lipstick Deep Red | Fishy Strawberry | Fae Eriksen
Freckles | Freckles | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg
Eyelashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (clumpy black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Skin | Kumi – Pure (dkbrow/crease) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Eyeliner |  faux twiggy lashes | don’t freak out | Willa Whybrow
Eyeliner | Eyeliner 4 | Belleza | Shyla Diggs
Eyeshadow | Smokey Eyes Dollarbie | CandyDoll | rebeca Dembo | Old Kozmetika dollarbie
Lips | Lip Glaze – Twilight | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena | Comes with Kumi
Cheeks | Contour Blush – Red Mid | Dead Apples | Soleil Reid
Eyelashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh

8th September

Hi. It’s been a few days since my last post. Soz about that. I have news. I’m going on holiday for a week to Scotland. \o/ I leave on the 13th September and return on the 19th September. My dad moved to Isle of Arran month or so ago. I’m super excited but there’s NOTHING to do on the island! There’s a beach and lots of walks over hills and stuff. *Hopefully* the weather will be nice but I’m not counting on it. Probably won’t be swimming in the sea but I hope to see some otters. I’ll take photos and put them on my Flickr
Anyway, there’s me rambling on about a holiday when I have stuff to show you! First is this new top from C’est la vie. This was released yesterday. It’s rigged mesh and comes in sizes L,M,S,XS and XXS. I don’t know if these are based on the official Standard Sizing. There are 5 different colours to choose from and they all have this gorgeous multicoloured feather design on the front. See the colour options here. I may have to go back because I want them all! The trousers are from evolve for The Summer Harvest Hunt, along with the shoes from Elate, also in The Summer Harvest Hunt. The bag is from the new store Auxiliary, this version was a group gift and you can pick it up at the Aura mainstore. The group is free, but I think there will be fee when they officially open Auxiliary. The bracelets and earrings are also Auxiliary and you can buy them at the current round of Fameshed


Hair  | Going Steady – Coco | Clawtooth | Bubbles Clawtooth | Mesh
Skin | {Light} Indie: Plain Jane – Dark Brows | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg
Shape | my own
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Character Eyes / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede | old event item
Freckles | Freckles | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg 
Beauty Marks & Freckles |  Beauty Marks & Freckles | {emma} | emmatrue 
Top | Dip hem Tshirt dress(feather blue | C’est la vie | Larcoco Mathy | Mesh | NEW
Trousers | patched.cords. (pumpkin) | evolve | BellaStarr Fhang | Mesh | Summer Harvest Hunt gift

Shoes | Kate Flats (Emerald) | elate! | Kellie Iwish | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Bag | My oversized Leather Tote- WXXS-M(VIP) | Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum & Ivy Graves | Mesh | VIP gift
Jewellery|  Chunky Jewelry Set – Peacock | Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum & Ivy Graves | Mesh | Fameshed
Poses | marukin | Valencia Southard. BENT | Catherine Fairport (At The Retreat) 

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3rd September

Today is Truth Hawks birthday. You know who he is right? No? Truth Hawks owns the fabulous hair store Truth. You must know the store since you’re a blog reader? 😛 His wifey, Kaelyn Alecto, thought of this great birthday gift idea for him, she wanted something more fun than a party, so she came up with the idea of taking pictures of his closest friends wearing his hairs. What started as a small gift turned into one GIANT one. Kaelyn has spent over a week taking pictures of 140 different people wearing his hairs! You can see them on her Flickr. Kudos to her dedication and hard work, I hope Truth cries with happiness when he sees it! 

In other news, The Summer Harvest Hunt has started. The top, shorts, bikini and jewellery are all gifts from the hunt. 


Hair  | Aurora – gingers | Truth | Truth Hawks | Mesh
Skin | Phoebe/BALD/Breast.ENH – COCOA | MOJO | Ethan74 Rumpler | Old event item
Shape | my own
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Character Eyes / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede | old event item
Lips | Allure – Faded Lipstick Deep Red | Fishy Strawberry | Fae Eriksen | old TDR item
Eye Enhancers| Aegyo Sal Eye Enhancers (tan) lashed | BOOM | Aranel Ah
Freckles | Freckles | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg 
Beauty Marks & Freckles |  Beauty Marks & Freckles | {emma} | emmatrue 
Top | Wrapped Summer Top Beige | Sakide | Kinu Mayako | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Shorts | Summer Harvest Hunt Shorts | Madness | Madeline Kozlowski | Summer Harvest Hunt gift

Bikini |  Summer Harvest Hunt Bikini | Madness | Madeline Kozlowski | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Boots | Suede Fringe Boots / white | KAO | Kao Sands
Socks| Cozy Socks  (Birds) | Lark | Sienia Trevellion
Earrings | Goodbye Summer | Needful Things | Magdalena Bergamasco | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Necklace | Autumn-Whispering Necklace | Sweet Leonard | Lady Leonard | Summer Harvest Hunt gift 
Poses | shopo.O | Yoon Seomun

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30th August

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few days. My store is moving, my club (well the club I manage) is moving and the sim is being revamped. It’s all go in sl. 

I’m taking a little break to show you some stuff from The Summer Harvest hunt that starts on September 1st. There are lots of late summer/ autumn gifts, lots of clothes, furniture, accessories and some poses/ props. There are a lot of mesh gifts too, in fact, over half the clothing items are mesh. I’m showing you three items from the hunt, the top from Sleeping Koala, the jeans from Vero Modero (that don’t include prim cuffs) and the bag from Tea Time. I love this bag.



Hair  |  Erika HairStyle/Dark Browns | CaTwA | Catwa Clip
Skin |  Phoebe Cocoa | MOJO | Ethan74 Rumpler | Limited Bazaar (round ends today)
Shape | my own
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Character Eyes / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede | old event item
Lips | Allure – Faded Lipstick Deep Red | Fishy Strawberry | Fae Eriksen | old TDR item
Eyelashes | Lashes – 2 | Medley | Arriah Fiertze
Eyeliner |  faux twiggy lashes | don’t freak out! | Willa Whybrow
Eye Enhancers| Aegyo Sal Eye Enhancers (tan) lashed | BOOM | Aranel Ah
Freckles | Freckles | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg 
Beauty Marks & Freckles |  Beauty Marks & Freckles | {emma} | emmatrue 
Top | My Bra Flashing Top | Sleeping Koala | SleepingKoala | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Jeans | harvest hunt gift | Vero Moderno | asli Barth | Summer Harvest Hunt gift

Shoes | Platform Pumps | HOC | Guu Nishi 
Bag | Cute Tree Bag | *Tea Time* | tea Xofan | Summer Harvest Hunt gift
Earrings | Endearing Earings *MESH* – Silver | Atomic | Ivy Graves
Poses | tea.s | Tea Soup

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Floral Summer

Hi guys! Sorry for my absence! My SL has been a tad bit busy! Most things are sorted/ work in progress, which means I can sneak in a bit of blogging this weekend. I have so much to show you! Some new events have started. First event is Fluid, it’s a bi- weekly, themed event for poses, animations, props and furniture. It’s an event organised by the Ego Co. team (more info of their blog). Another event that has started is the RMK Gothic SIM Bridal Fair. This is an event I hadn’t heard of until I saw the poster at another store. This event features a bunch of stores that have created some gorgeous bridal wear, including jewellery, gowns, makeup and mens outfits. SGB Summer Festa 2012 has also just started. Sounds Gravis Beach has had Festas before (there was a Halloween one last year) and there’s also a club \o/  I have items from all those events, check the credits to see what’s from where!


Hair | Hair “Marie” (Type A)(Onyx) | D!va | Marisa Kira | 25000 member gift (in store)
Skin | “[J]ona” – Natural – SK – DB | [A]renesmee | Noemi Azambuja | Old event item
Shape | My own
Eyes | Erik Eyes – Light Brown | Tribal Soul Designs | Syndel Daviau | old hunt gift
Eyeshadow | Refresh . clear v2 | [ni.Ju] | Vitani Jun | RMK Gothic SIM Bridal Fair
Top | Tube top : aqua | *Kiedis* | locofrank Setzer | SGB Summer Festa 2012
Skirt | summer long skirt(hemp ivory) | C’est la vie | Larcoco Mathy | Mesh

Jewellery | Crystal Gypsy Jewelry | Sn@tch | Ivey Deschanel | SGB Summer Festa 2012
Hair Accessory | Dress “Diva” Head dress (Flower only) | D!va | Marisa Kira | 30000 member gift (in store)
Feet |  Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) | SLink | Siddean Munro | Mesh

Poses & umbrella |  Beach Days (Fluid) | ploom | Helyanwe Vindaloo | Fluid

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Locks and Chains

I really have so much to blog it’s ridiculous so I’m going to attempt to get most of it done today (Monday) hopefully. I’m gonna see if I can get each event done in one post, so there may be a lot of pictures in the next few blog posts (after this one).  CHIC² started at 4pm slt today. It’s a fab event celebrating CHIC Managements second birthday. Keira, yet again, has done an amazing job with this event. The layout is so simple, each store has a booth (which they’ve decorated) with their items in. The booths are stacked on top of each other in a circular shape. You can leave your avi on the ground and cam around or fly up to each booth. All events should be that simple! It’s an event worth going to I promise. Remember to de prim, de script, lower graphic settings, turn draw distance down, turn off shadows even go in your underwear if you want! lol The event runs until the 24th June. CHIC’s birthday is today! (4th June)


Hair | Anais 2 Mesh Hair – Chocolate | Wasabi Pills | MissAllSunday Lemon | Mesh | CHIC² 
Skin | Bebe – Carmel – Soho | Apple May | Apple May | CHIC²
Shape | My own
Eyes | FATEeyes | Damien Fate
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black) | Beetlebones | suetabulous Yootz  | Mesh
Freckles | feckles | essences | Inka Mexicola | CHIC²
Moles | 
mole | essences | Inka Mexicola | CHIC²
Tattoo | 
Wipe Your Mouth | Delusions | Whisper Mizin | Old event item
Top 1 |  cropped top Chicana red |  Pirate Arts | zara yip | Mesh Around Hunt

Top 2 | Graphic Tanks – Heart Splatter | Apple May | Apple May | Mesh Around
Top 3 |  Graphic Tanks – Gobbler | Apple May | Apple May | Mesh Around
Jeans | plain jane cigarette jeans pants (rinsed) | eleanor rigby | Kyrsten Jigsaw
Boots |  Day & Night MESH Outfits | [ SAKIDE ] | kinu mayako | Mesh Around

Gloves | Black Leather Driving Gloves | Graffittiwear | Chalice Piers | The Accessories Hunt
Bracelets | Bangles | LaRosa | Susa Inglewood | The Accessories Hunt

Earrings | Noelie II Double Loop Earrings | Amour Signature | Khayman Karlsvalt  | The Accessories Hunt
Necklace (with lock) | Link Lock Chain | Rispetto Designs (Amour Signature) | Khayman Karlsvalt  | The Accessories Hunt
Necklace (with cross) | Silver/Black Cross Necklace | Dragon Charm Designs | Ephedra Loon | The Accessories Hunt
Piercings | Face Piercing | Tameless | Nita Bracken | The Accessories Hunt
Poses | marukin | Valencia Southard

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Blueberry Stains

I fell in a vat of blueberry juice last night and the stains won’t come off! I tried all sorts of ways to get it off but nothing worked. I suppose I’ll have to just let to fade on it’s own and make the most of being this colour, and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve used it to my advantage 😀 This dress is from Mind Games for the Mesh Around Hunt (start location), it comes in three sizes and includes a simple texture change HUD. The knuckle duster rings are from Epic Arsenal and are also a gift in the hunt. The headphones (not really visable) and forehead piercings are from Vaughans in The Accessories Hunt. (start location). I suppose this look could be described as a fantasy (because of the skin) or cyber (because of the piercings and hair), but then the dress makes it more girly. I kinda like it! ❤


Hair | Fuzzy~pitchOnyx~ | Red Queen | Ruth Guan
Skin | Sapphire – Cosmic – Shadow | Leafy | Kaethe Dyressen | Skin Showcase 
Shape | My own
Eyes | FATEeyes | Damien Fate
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (Clumpy Black) | Beetlebones | suetabulous Yootz  | Mesh
Dress |  Mesh Around Hunt Gift | Mind Games | Venus Nurmi | Mesh Around Hunt
Feet |  Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) | SLink | Siddean Munro | Mesh
Ring | Brass Knuckles ~Mesh~ Black | Epic Arsenal | Cruz Shipley

Headphones & piercings | V. Jacker Headset | Vaughans | Marleen Vaughan | The Accessories Hunt
Poses | pda | Izzy Bereznyak  

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