Mesh Around and Fameshed

This awesome modern house is called Nue Usonian One, made by HANDverk for Fameshed. This house is 100% mesh and needs 32×32 footprint (193 L.I)

The fountain is a Mesh Around prize from HomeTown (4 LI)

The bedroom set was a item for RFL in the home expo, part of a Place less ordinary house by Design Prims. Some parts like the bed can be bought separately  at the store.(74 LI)

The chairs and the console are Mudhoney items for Fameshed, the set with chair include both versions (13 LI) and the set of the console came with all decorations (14 LI)

The shelf is part of the house, but the decoration are made with mesh items from Dutchie, all sold separately. All of them coast just a single land impact.

This awesome cobalt chair is the Mesh Around prize from Organica and has just 2 LI, quite impressive for a freebie don’t you think?

The daybed from Loft ( 9 LI) and the Massage Table from Cheeky Pea (7 LI) are also items from Fameshed.

This event is getting better and better for home and garden lovers.

For last but not least, this incredible kitchen by Cleo Design came with all items you see, the balcony, sink, refrigerator, cupboard, table, stool, Kettle and grocery bag. This fabulous set has 42 LI and is totally free!!!

This kitchen is a hunt prize for Mesh Around, but beware that mesh around ends Friday.

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